SiloMag 146

As every two weeks, we bring you a new installment of SiloMag. And as always, we have compiled the best news and resources about graphic design, web design and WordPress for all of you.
This week we have the summary of a couple of highly anticipated events for the WordPress and CSS community, awards for the best packaging of 2023, a text on whether to stay in the classic WordPress editor or switch to Gutenberg, the beta of Adobe’s AI image creation tool, and much more!

Graphic Design

Adobe Firefly free beta

fire cat created with the AI using adobe firefly

After being presented a couple of months ago and seeing some demos inside Photoshop, Adobe opens to everyone the beta of Firefly, which we can test directly from its website. And it is different in different formats: text to image, recolor images, removal of objects in a photo…

Athletics unveils vibrant branding project for MLS GO

mls go logo, with neon green tones

Athletics worked closely with MLS to develop a vibrant and energetic identity for MLS GO. The word mark cleverly incorporates bold typography that exudes a sense of movement and enthusiasm. The playful arrangement of letters reflects the program’s lively nature and invites young soccer enthusiasts to join the action.

The Best in Packaging From 2023: Dieline Awards Winners Revealed

part of the sonos ray soundbar packaging

Dieline Awards, now in its 14th year, remains one of the world’s largest global packaging design competitions. Sponsored by Neenah and Designalytics, Dieline Awards 2023 recognizes the best and brightest designers and agencies creating product packaging the world over, raising awareness of the enormous value of brand packaging design.

Web Design

CSS Day 2023

css day logo
A few days ago the CSS Day event was held in Amsterdam, where developers, designers and other professionals who work and improve CSS met to talk about its current state, what’s new and what’s coming for the future. In this playlist you have all the talks that were given during those days.

How to Adapt Long-Page Designs for Better Scanning

abstract geometric image with squares and circles with white line on black background
No matter what kind of information you’re working with, what kind of person you’re trying to communicate to, or what kind of result you’re hoping for, there is just one factor that will determine the outcome: attention. And if there’s one thing that most designers have in common, it’s that they assume that what they create will get much more of it than is realistic. In this article, Christopher Butler is going to share five steps you can take to redesign something that he is assuming is longer, more information dense, and harder to scan than it should be.

Using linear() for better animation

bezier curve used for animation

The linear() function allows us to achieve bounce, spring, and elastic effects that were previously only possible with complex JavaScript. You can use linear() to specify a value for the CSS transition-timing-function property, animation-timing function property, or as an easing value when using the Web Animations API in JavaScript.


Building Blocks:
The Evolution of WordPress

Building Blocks book cover, with the figure 20 created by green horizontal lines.
Commemorating the 20th anniversary of WordPress, this second edition of the milestones series documents the explosive growth of WordPress from 2013 – 2023, critical changes to the software, adapting to life during a global pandemic, and much more. This book is memorialized entirely on GitHub.

Gutenberg vs Classic Editor: 29 Reasons to Switch (Or Stay Put)

image clipping from a blog, with text and image

You might be one of those people asking yourself whether you should switch from the Classic Editor to Gutenberg or stick with what you know. To help you make an informed decision, this post looks at key differences and features of the two editors and offer advice on which one is right for your website. Whether you’re a novice or experienced developer, by the end you’ll have all the information you need to decide which editor to stick with.

WordCamp Europe 2023

wordcamp europe 2023 logo
WordCamp Europe 2023, held in Athens, ended a few days ago. If you have not been able to attend in their YouTube channel are already available some of the talks that took place there. And in the next few days the full event will be available on

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