SiloMag 144

As every two weeks, we bring you a new issue of SiloMag, and as always, we have compiled the best news and resources about graphic design, web design and WordPress for all of you.

This week we bring you the new look of the Ea Sports football game, the latest additions to Gutenberg, several proposals to create the world’s worst volume controller, the return of WordCamp Barcelona, and much more!

Graphic Design

Famous logos recreated by an AI

starbuck logo recreated by ia midjourney

A curious experiment we have seen on Twitter. The user @fofrAI asked Midjourney v5 to describe some logos, to see how it would create prompts for them, and to see what it would create in response.

San Francisco taps entrepreneurs with new place branding

new image of the city of san francisco, with green lettering and blue background, with the text "san francisco, make your future".

Creative studio Dnco has worked with the City of San Francisco and a number of business leaders to create a new identity for the Californian city. The project was conceived in response to the exodus from business hubs – among them downtown San Francisco – since the rise of work-from-anywhere setups.

Introducing EA SPORTS FC

es sports fc triangular logo, above a waving flag

The FIFA brand has been linked to the football video game of the same name for decades. Therefore, we were all curious about how EA Sport was going to avoid losing players by no longer being able to use the FIFA name in its game, and at the same time create a new recognisable brand.

Web Design

Fancy reveal animations with CSS masks and @property

example of css animations in boxes
With the new @property (at-rule) CSS API, we can easily transition values of custom properties (also known as CSS variables) just like we do with other CSS properties like opacity or transform. It’s like magic!

Can you create worst volume control interface in the world?

volume control via radio buttons
In 2017, a group of developers hilariously competed for who could create worst volume control interface in the world. 0xDesigner shows us some proposals. Surely they will not leave you indifferent.

Visual design rules you can safely follow every time

css code, nesting

Anthony Hobday gives us some keys that we can use in our designs, such as not using pure black or white, optical alignment or the use of saturated colours. These are not fixed rules, but they can help us to give a boost to our projects.


WordCamp Barcelona 2023

wordcamp barcelona 2023 logo
Almost 5 years have passed since the last WordCamp Barcelona. Since then, many things have happened… and what things…! But there is one thing that remains the same: the desire to learn, to share, to meet, to see our colleagues… And all this around WordPress.

Gutenberg 15.5 – Grid layouts

wordpress block with grid layout option

WordPress 6.2 is still fresh out, but that doesn’t mean that Gutenberg is not moving forward. The latest update includes the addition of grid, a new way to organise the elements of our designs.

ACF 6.1 Release

advanced custom fields logo
ACF 6.1 elevates the plugin further as an essential part of making WordPress a true content management system. Taking WordPress beyond just posts and pages is now possible with ACF, streamlining the workflow of registering custom post types and then adding custom fields. This release also includes an easier way to choose the right field type and a whole lot of improvements and fixes.

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