SiloMag 143

As every two weeks, we bring you a new issue of SiloMag, and as always, we have compiled the best news and resources about graphic design, web design and WordPress for all of you.

This week we have the new version of Midjourney, the arrival of native CSS nesting, the latest Gutenberg update, animated icons for dark mode, and much more!

Graphic Design

Avery Dennison and The Premier League Present: The Name Behind the Numbers

tshirt premier league numbers

Avery Dennison and The Premier League debut a new name & number font to be worn during league play beginning with the 2023/24 season. This in-depth documentary covers the design and production processes, testing with league commentators and includes interviews with league legends Ian Wright & Alan Shearer.

Butterick’s Practical Typography

letter a handrawing

Butterick’s Practical Typography is possibly one of the best guides to typography, writing and text design available. And the fact is that typography can enhance your writing. Typography can create a better first impression. Typography can reinforce your key points. Typography can extend reader attention. When you ignore typography, you’re ignoring an opportunity to improve the effectiveness of your writing.

Midjourney V5 is here

old woman with a raincoat, generated with a AI

While we internalise the possibilities of ChatGPT-4 after its release, the fifth version of MIdjourney, the well-known AI-based text-based image generator, has arrived. Among the improvements compared to the previous version, we have higher image quality, greater diversity of outputs, or support for seamless textures.

Web Design

16 little UI design rules that make a big impact

two cards with differents styles
User interface design is hard. With so many options to choose from regarding layout, spacing, typography, and colour, making design decisions can be overwhelming. When you add usability, accessibility, and psychology to the mix, it gets even harder. Luckily, UI design doesn’t have to be so hard. With almost 2 decades working as a product designer, Adham Dannaway explains some of his tricks.

Theme Toggles

animated icon, sun transform in a moon
It is becoming more and more common to find applications and websites that offer us the possibility to switch between light and dark mode. Theme toggles is a collection of awesome, easy to use, animated toggles; designed for switching between light and dark modes. It’s a modular library which aims to provide ample customization where needed. Works great utility CSS frameworks such as Tailwindcss. Theme Toggles was built by Alfie Jones.

Native CSS nesting landed

css code, nesting

One of the most common reasons for designers using CSS preprocessors such as Sass is the use of variables and nesting. Fortunately, nesting seems to be here, and we can test it in the latest version of Chrome, and the Safari preview. Paweł Grzybek tells us on his blog how CSS nesting works.


WooCommerce 7.5 Released

style book and woocommerce
Since a few days ago we have with us version 7.5 of WooCommerce, the most popular solution to build an online shop in WordPress. Among the many improvements and additions, we find support for the Style Book, compatibility with Global Styles, and new blocks for the editor.

Gutenberg 15.3 Adds New “Time to Read” Block

new block "time to read" in wordpress editor

We already have the latest version of Gutenber, which we can test if we have the plugin installed in our WordPress. One of the most important new features is the inclusion of the “Time to Read” block, which will allow us to display this information directly in our posts. Sarah Gooding tells us about this and other additions in WP Tavern.

WordPress 6.2 Release Candidate 3

wordpress 6.2 logo, blue backgorund
There is less than a week left until the release of WordPress 6.2. And the last step is this Release Candidate 3. So this is our last chance to try it out and test it before the global release. This feedback will help to make the final version as stable as possible for everyone.

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