SiloMag #42

Finally summer has come to stay. An ideal time to relax and take a look at the best news and resources we have found during the last two weeks in the world of graphic design, web design and WordPress.

And in this SiloMag, on graphic design, an article on generalism in design, a curiosity about the Disney logo, and design on political posters. In web design, the latest update of Adobe XD, the accessibility inspector of Firefox, and the web of ComicCon. And about WordPress, we talked about plugins for Gutenberg, plug-in updates, and WordCamp Sevilla.

As always, we hope you like it, and you can leave us any suggestions in the comments!

Graphic Design

In Defense of Generalism

bar generalism gradient

At the end of February, Chloe Scheffe was called out as generalist on Twitter. The accusation—it could only be that—made my face flush. As soon as the notification hit my phone, she searched the thread’s backlog for the initial question that had prompted some designer, a complete stranger, to implicate her. It read: “Who is an example of a successful design/illustration generalist?”

Why is the Disney “D” So Weird?

disney logo

The Disney brand is fascinating, including the ways in which that brand reaches so far beyond any set of words or bands and into a deep cultural idea. It is, in some ways, outside of what we usually consider a brand, and in other ways maybe the most powerful brand outside of, like, nation states.

Ocasio-Cortez scored a victory — for well-designed campaign posters

poster campaign ocasio

On Tuesday, political newcomer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won a stunning primary victory over veteran Rep. Joseph Crowley in New York’s 14th Congressional District. Nearly as noteworthy as her political upset, though, are her campaign’s radically designed posters and buttons, the work of New York-based designer Maria Arenas of Tandem NYC.

Web Design

Design & Prototype in Adobe XD Tutorial – June Update

mockup adobe xd

Adobe recently released a free version of its software for prototyping and web design Adobe XD. And in this month of June, he has released a new update with interesting news. Cody Brown reviews some of them in this video.

Firefox Developer Tools Accessibility inspector

accessibility context menu

The accessibility inspector provides a means to access important information exposed to assistive technologies on the current page via the accessibility tree, allowing you to check what’s missing or otherwise needs attention. This article takes you through the main features of the accessibility inspector and how to use it.

San Diego Comic Con 2018 website – a confusing user experience

logo comiccon

On more than one occasion we have talked about the importance of user experience when designing a website. And although we think it is something that only affects small sites, it is something that exists even in big event websites, like ComicCon. In this funny video, Pixel Geek shows us the problems of that web, and gives some solutions.


Preparing WordPress themes for Gutenberg with the Block Unit Test

unit block gutenberg

There’s no better time to start exploring how each of our WordPress themes will interface with Gutenberg. So to help folks level-up their themes to support the new WordPress block editor, Rich Tabor built the Block Unit Test WordPress plugin.

WordPress Plugin Updates: Can I Just Ignore Them?

chart plugins update wordpress

The ease of finding and installing a WordPress plugin might lower your attention to whether that plugin will be a good and cost-effective solution for your website. In fact, it’s not only easy to install a new plugin, often it’s the very first step you might take to adding a new functionality to your WordPress site.

WordCamp Sevilla 2018

wordcamp sevilla logo

In just under a week the WordCamp Sevilla 2018 begins in our city. Therefore, we invite you to come and enjoy their talks, learn a lot and meet people who only put face digitally!

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