SiloMag #52

We open December with a new SiloMag. Well, actually we have also released coats, scarves and wool vests. But that is another story…

This week we bring you a couple of games to test our skills as designers, and a couple of frameworks with a retro aftertaste. We will also see a powerful tool to create digital publications, and the redesign that Microsoft has applied to Office.

And last but not least, the announced arrival of WordPress 5.0. So let’s not get distracted anymore, and let’s see what the week has given of itself:

Graphic Design

Can You Judge a Book by Its Cover?

Book cover history

Despite the adage of not judging a book by its cover, there’s a lot of time, intent, and money spent creating memorable book covers. Get to know the story behind some of literature’s most iconic book covers.

It’s Centred That

Centered point game

The first game that we bring you today is created by the Supremo agency. And part of a simple premise, although little by little it will become increasingly difficult. Will you be able to find out if a point is really centered within an image? Surely you are capable, but as soon as you are careless, you will begin to doubt the position of the point. Squeeze your visual acuity and do not be fooled by optical illusions.

Microsoft’s new Office icons are part of a bigger design overhaul

Office redesign icons

Microsoft is modernizing its Office icons as part of a broader focus on design for its various Office apps. It’s the first time the Office icons have changed in five years, and they’re designed to be more simple and modern to span across multiple devices and platforms. Office now exists on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and Microsoft has been building a single core codebase to make rapid monthly improvements to the apps.

Web Design

Can’t Unsee

Correct web design game

And the other game is based not so much on visual perception, but on our knowledge of web design. If you are given two different designs, would you know which one works best? Test your strengths as a UX designer.

NES-style CSS Framework

Buttons NES framework CSS

As we have said, today we bring you two frameworks with a retro aesthetic. But it is not what you might think. We went back in the late 80’s and early 90’s to remember what were the elements that were the interface of the Nintendo NES console. This time, in CSS format.

Playstation 1 style CSS Framework

Containers PS1 framework CSS

And from the early 90s to the end of the same decade, this time remembering the Sony PlayStation console. We can clearly see how we went from a more pixelated design to another where there are many gradients, so fashionable in recent months.


WordPress 5.0 Target Date

Launch WordPress 5.0

If all goes well, WordPress 5.0 will be launched today. This new update leaves behind a path full of love and hate in equal parts from the community. And is that its greatest novelty, the new publisher Gutenberg, has not been a dish of good pleasure for many.

New Block Gallery Plugin Offers a Suite of Photo Gallery Blocks for Gutenberg

Plugin WordPress Block Gallery Gutenberg

The new Gutenberg editor has basic support for galleries with a few nice features, such as the ability to set the number of columns and automatically crop thumbnails for a more uniform appearance. If you need more control over your galleries, Rich Tabor’s Block Gallery plugin is currently the best option made specifically for use with Gutenberg.

Simple Trackback Disabler for WordPress

plugin WordPress trackback

As your website gets more popular, you will end up with unwanted comments and trackbacks. You can always disable them per post or in bulk using a SQL query. Simple Trackback Disabler for WordPress also helps.

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