SiloMag #45

We are in the middle of August, and summer is strangely short. Is not happening to you? In short, as always, and as every two weeks, we are again with SiloMag. The best news and resources on web design, graphic design and WordPress. In small doses, just for you.

And this week at SiloMag, in graphic design, the new Firefox image, logos for the Space Force, and reinventing classic signage. About web design, a couple of resources about Flexbox, and common mistakes we make when designing. And in WordPress, use of augmented reality, how to protect our WordPress, and a trick for WooCommerce.

As always, we hope you like it, and you can leave us any suggestions in the comments!

Graphic Design

Evolving the Firefox Brand

brand new firefox building

With the rapid evolution of the internet, people need new tools to make the most of it. So Firefox is creating new types of browsers and a range of new apps and services with the internet as the platform. From easy screen-shotting and file sharing to innovative ways to access the internet using voice and virtual reality, these tools will help people be more efficient, safer, and in control of their time online. Firefox is where purpose meets performance.

These are the logos the Trump campaign is offering the Space Force

logo space force

The Army has its star, the Marines a globe and anchor. But the decision on what logo to give the proposed Space Force may well be left up to donors to President Trump’s political action committee. On Thursday, it sent out an email to supporters asking them to vote on six different logos for this potential new branch of the US military. Earlier on Thursday morning, Vice President Pence confirmed that the administration is, in fact, serious about creating a sixth branch of the military.

These designers have reimagined the ‘wheelchair symbol’ to include invisible disabilities

floor paint design dissabilities

The classic International Symbol of Access or ISA – the blue square overlaid in white with the outline of a person in a wheelchair – has been with us now for half a century. As the world opens it eyes more and more to the inner and private struggles of everyday life through acknowledgment of trans rights and mental health issues, it’s high time to pay attention to those disabilities which don’t conform to the ISA icon.

Web Design

The Complete Illustrated Flexbox Tutorial

illustrated flexbox example

When the author started to learn flex he wanted to see everything it was capable of. But when it came to examples of all properties, visually he wasn’t able to find a thorough tutorial. So, he created these diagrams that offer a bird’s eye view.

A site to help visualize flexbox rules

resource column flexbox

Learn Flexbox is a website where we can test all the resources that Flexbox offers us. Interactively, we can create new elements, and position them according to the properties of Flexbox. A good way to experiment without having to write a line of code.

Common webpage design mistakes

text mistake web design

There are thousands of people all over the world who create websites. This article is based on recent research made by Nikita Obukhov and his team. They analysed common mistakes that people make when they create websites using their platform. Here is a list of dos and don’ts applicable to any web design tool or service you use.


Reinforce Your WordPress Website with Augmented Reality

augmented reality tablet

The notion of augmented reality is not new. This is one of the most popular trends that hit the web design niche in 2018 and continues to grow at the fast rate. Augmented reality is being included in different spheres of our life, making it easier to make the right decisions, have fun, and simply do the right planning. What about web design? What if your online business project could provide the user with the possibility to view different objects in 3D? I bet this will make your site more engaging and boost the conversion rates tremendously.

7 Ways to Protect Your Website from WordPress Security Issues

lock security wordpress

WordPress is the most popular web content platform. In fact, nearly 30% of all websites are powered by WordPress. This includes everything from personal blogs to government websites with heavy site traffic. It’s not hard to see why, as WordPress is totally customizable while being very simple to use. Because so many use it, security is one of WordPress’s primary concerns. Your WordPress website can be vulnerable to hackers due to a number of WordPress security issues.

How to Create Limited-time Offers and Deals Using WooCommerce

bag offer limited woocommerce

If you use WooCommerce, whether you sell products or services, or even a mix, there are times when you want to offer a limited deal, say a 60% discount for just a few hours. Or perhaps there is a product that you want to sell for a limited time. Or a special service. Whatever the case, giving your customer a visual that shows the urgency of making a purchase right now, and being able to schedule it, is priceless. This is where the Scheduler for WooCommerce plugin comes in.

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