Top Best WordPress Themes of 2014

This year will be very interesting in terms of new trends in web designand elements that are being incorporated into the WordPress themes: we talk about responsive design, mobile first, parallax, flat design… Who though WordPress was just a blog manager, is very wrong. With this listing we will gather the best WordPress themes that you can download and will make your website an interesting design.


Range of colours: uses and combinations

When choosing a range of colours for our designs, there is no absolute truth to choose the right one, as there is no way to be totally wrong in the election (well, maybe this does happen .) We must choose the range of colours that best suits what we want to reflect.


Simplicity: Downloadable print

I think Einstein was almost never wrong, so he was not wrong about this either. Most of the time we give meaningless explanations in compound sentences or very long speeches that lead to nothing, but things, in fact, are much simpler than that.


Downloadable Calendar: April

I love this phrase that is referred to when we have a dream nothing can stop us!

“You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep Spring from coming”

Designed by SiloCreativo


Orange: the underrated Colour

We do not like all colours equally. There are colours we like more than others because we identify with them. The fashion, for instance, is largely responsible for this. We will always prefer colours that make us feel better and happier, colours that make your friends think “how pretty you are”


Typography in design: combination and use

Thanks to one of my Christmas presents, a Typodarium, I am discovering great fonts of new artists, but I will talk about them another day because today is the time to open-source fonts like Google Fonts. Thus, today I am sharing with you some of the Google Fonts we usually use at SiloCreativo.


Downloadable calendar: March

Spring has arrived! So let’s say bye bye to the dark clouds and enjoy the weather because… “The days of spring are here, warm and sunny days are near, flowers and bees, and birds in trees. The days of spring are here. “;)


How to Optimize WordPress categories to improve your SEO

One of the least optimized options for a WordPress website or blog are often Categories and Tags. The Taxonomies (the way all categories and tags are called, either for default or custom post) are used to organize the content of our website in an efficient manner, making it more navigable for the users.


Web design with HTML5: Structure and Composition

One advantage that HTML5 has brought to the field of web design is that it includes a HTML tags structure much more semantic, i.e., a markup with a meaning for what will truly serve said identifier. In other words, HTML5 has made to the web designer the job much easier than with previous versions, especially when we have to modify a web design of a colleague.


Creative 404 Error Pages

We have talked many times about the importance of having clear objectives when creating a website. Not all websites are designed with the same function, or all users search the same item.
When designing a website, we want this to be original and different from all others, so we have to take care of the small details, responsible for this. In fact, although it is very unlikely to happen with premium templates.