Wine Packaging: label design

As man does not live by bread alone… Today we bring you examples of wine packaging and labeling with creativity and originality. Examples with good designs that make you distinguish from the competition. Which one do you choose?


Infographics: 10 Tips to Make a Typography Project

Do you have a project in mind and you do not know what the font you should use is? Do you need to combine two fonts and you intend on using Comic Sans? Do not get crazy! With this infographic you will find 10 useful tips that will make you an expert on fonts. 😉


Social Icons in WordPress: the menu as the best choice

Any news regarding the compatibility of WordPress templates with an impact on the UX is always welcome, so the proposal to use a custom menu as social menu meets handful of good practice to carry out: for the users, for the developers and designers.


Downloadable Calendar: June

Summer is coming. Now, days are longer and nights have many hours to enjoy and dream … We leave you our June calendar, with a little romance and a lot of design (as always!;))


6 Free Downloadable Graphic Design Resources

We leave you 6 useful graphic design resources: some mockups and icons set that will surprise you. All are free and easily downloadable with just one click! There is no excuse to make a great presentation of your graphic design projects! 😉


How to modify or add CSS to your WordPress Theme

It is a recurring question, especially in the WordPress forums. Suppose you want to modify a particular element of your design: the size of H1, the range of colours or just the tone of the social buttons … These modifications require in most cases a bit of CSS. But do not panic, there are several methods to do so safely and without hardly touching code.


How to display category and tag descriptions in WordPress

Recently we talked about the importance of category pages of our blogs and websites, and how we should start optimizing them to turn into good satellites that besides organize the internal diagram of a web (a good user experience and navigation of our site), could capture some extra visitors and increase the positioning and SEO of that category or tag page (taxonomies for the purists).


3 Creative Fonts for powerful messages

Let’s talk about fonts! In most cases, we have talked about our beloved Google Fonts, as they are used on websites and combine well, being one of the largest source fonts. However, today, without a precedent ;), we will talk about three fonts that are not Google Fonts (because there is life after them …) that are also free and licensed for personal and commercial use.


Downloadable Calendar: May

It’s May, the good weather has come (so far). On sunny days, what I want is to go on a picnic with the friendly little soft drink. As May is also the month when we celebrate Mother’s Day, I dedicate this calendar to the mother of little soft drink and, of course, to my mother 😉 , because they always know what we need!


How to extract images from a Word document? Designer’s Dilemma

I’m sure most of you know of what I speak. You’re waiting for the pictures of your client to incorporate them into your design. You have everything ready, the reserved space, and the precise dimensions. You do not care if the work is a web or a graphic design or even an editorial job. You need that logo, those images. There comes an email. It’s your client.