Downloadable Calendar: February 2017

I do not know if it is because it is the first month of the year or because we go back to the routine, but January has gone very fast and almost without realizing February is here.

February is the month of love par excellence, but also a different month. Perhaps because it is shorter than the rest or because it is the one that makes way for spring, but we consider it a special month. It is a perfect month to make plans because we have already finished the post-Christmas crunch and we notice the spring and summer closer.

That is why I like to imagine that maybe in another place someone is also making plans to travel to unknown lands. We are waiting forward to it, because we do not doubt that the best is yet to come.

In any case, I wish you all a great February!

Font combination

On the one hand, for numbers and days of the week we have opted for a Google Font: Nunito Sans. We have not talked about it in the blog yet, but it has 14 types among which we can find different thicknesses and italics, what makes it very versatile and complete.

On the other hand, for the month, we have chosen Zephyr 3D, a premium font that includes among its types three different versions that can give a different air to your work depending on what you are looking for.
In this case we have opted for the 3D, with a “futuristic” air.

Colour combination

For this case, we have chosen a combination of warm colours on a dark blue background, creating contrast and highlighting the dark night condition.

We were looking for a combination of colours that would contrast and at the same time get us into an atmosphere that transports us into the space.


Designed by Silo Creativo



1024×768 (Recommended for Tablets)

1280×720 (Perfect for Mobile devices)

1280×800 (Recommended for Laptops)



If you prefer that as wallpaper for mobile without the calendar


(.png Format)

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