WordPress Themes for Photographers: Top 4

Almost all users think WordPress is more than just a blog manager. It contains a lot of super-specialized templates. And…today it’s time to talk about WordPress themes for photographers 😉

However, there are still those who doubt whether WordPress is suitable for your website or portfolio page, or it is better to seek other alternatives. For avoidance of doubt, today we will show you how this manager can handle it all, with some examples of web design issues facing the world of photography and images.

Photography WordPress Themes

WordPress has a very good image management by default through its media manager. Just dragging and dropping images or pictures in the Media section of your WordPress dashboard, these are uploaded and organized, ready to show to the world. This happens independently of the template or theme you have installed on your WordPress, as with custom menus.

The first part of the work is already done. Now it comes the second, how to properly show the world those pictures. The WordPress template itself will organize and accompany images with the design they deserve. Images are preferred with responsive design and in HTML5.

All the work and talent when taking these images would be dissipated somewhat using a template that does not do justice to the work of the photographer. We will collect 5 good examples of web design themes with care and quality, as we do in SiloCreativo.

Nightly – Simplicity and order to your photos


+ InfoDemo

Nightly is a very clean WordPress theme with a sophisticated design as you can see on the demo site. The home page is notable for its composition as an irregular mosaic. In design responsive this mosaic disappears to organize images in a gallery, which is an interesting resource.

As for colours, it uses white and gray tones, while for links and some design elements, such as the menu, it uses the orange (very fashionable, by the way).

This template also has several shortcodes to modify some elements of the template without having to be an expert on the field. It is a very interesting option.

Core – Music and Movement


+ InfoDemo

Core is a WordPress veteran theme. It has been more than two years on the cloud, but with monthly updates, which is very positive, as it keeps the code periodically updated incorporating new features and effects.

One feature that incorporates Core is the use of music and motion pictures to display photographs and pictures in an audiovisual experience. The responsive design is basic but effective. As for the options, it brings several gallery templates, full screen or even the possibility to incorporate videos.

Invictus – Full screen Designs for photographers


+ InfoDemo

The main feature of Invictus is the good use that it makes of the items in full screen view. It works like an image slider, with thumbnails in the image at the bottom and 80% of the screen occupied by the elements shown (which also allows video.)

As for the other elements, it contains many shortcodes and templates where you can choose how to display the content. In terms of design and colours, they are a bit dark, but a customization of the same is allowed.

Photolux – WordPress Photos in Pinterest style


+ InfoDemo

We all are familiar on the Pinterest style that displays images and photographs into individual cards, where, besides the image, it includes some information regarding the title, some labels, etc…

Well, the main advantage of the Photolux theme is its mosaic or Pinterest design, which for designs on lower resolutions comes in handy, as it is more correctly ordered, being highly consistent with the latest design trends with WordPress, as we mentioned here. As for the other elements, various skin changes are allowed to change the colours, and various templates to display photographs alternately.

Conclusion: Photos with design

All these templates make proper use of the standards and functions of WordPress accompanying images and photographs with a neat and clean design. All of them also made good use of responsive images with CSS, which is vital in order to view the content on every possible device.

If you want to know more, this article on responsive WordPress themes for blogs can be interesting, as well as this list of the best themes of the year.

Good luck with your project to show your photos and art to the world. I hope this collection serves you to decide on any of them or, at least, as inspiration! Regards 😉

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