Wine Packaging: label design

After talking about bread packaging, I wanted to talk about something to accompany it. And what better accompaniment to bread than wine! Thus, today we speak of wine (in graphic design.)

“Man does not live by bread alone, frequently there must be a beverage”
Woody Allen

At other times we talked about the packaging itself, the product packaging, but in this case, although some wrappers may appear, we will focus on the label design. As discussed in the article on branding, in the case of wine we have a space that has traditionally been used to display the qualities of it, so let’s give a special design taking these qualities and adopting its graphics so it becomes informative and creative!

For some time now, there has been increasing the taste for product presentation. As mentioned, we use elements that have always been, with a different original and creative character. Wine has been one of those products that have been adapted with the appearance of different designs in the labeling thereof.

More and more wineries consider the care of the image is almost as important as the quality of the wine, and print a new character to their label that goes beyond the name of the wine and his designation, sometimes creating designs that could well illustrate the brand itself….

Examples of graphic design in wine labeling

In this group we show the work that a Belgian supermarket chain made. They represent the countries of origin of the wines through the typical wine cork, with some representative elements.



In these cases we also look for a label design which can print some characteristics of the wine. In some cases using and combining typefaces as typographic prints, and in other cases with a minimalist design in which the data to be transmitted are drawn.



I love these prints which dispenses with the traditional label, to display the data of the wine accompanied by several illustrations that highlight some of the wine qualities through vinyl.


Finally, I bring some packaging :). As the bread packaging, it is not a packaging that ensure the blows; it is a packaging that can be used to move or serve at home. These packaging use natural materials (wood, paper and fabric) in accordance with the product we’re wrapping.




The truth is that I like them all, but if I had to choose one I would take the “Maison Chatou,” Which one would you choose?

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