Top Best WordPress Themes of 2014

This year will be very interesting in terms of new trends in web design and elements that are being incorporated into the WordPress themes: we talk about responsive design, mobile first, parallax, flat design… Who though WordPress was just a blog manager is very wrong. With this listing we will gather the best WordPress themes you can download that will make your website an interesting design.

Note: This is an open list that completes the comparative of the best WordPress templates of the last year. This list will be updated as we analyse new themes that we find interesting for their design, functionality or any other noteworthy item. If you are interested in being updated, keep this page bookmarked.

Organising Design lists for WordPress

We have organised the content into multiple individual listings to better organise and compare each of the templates. This is the list of contents:

Additionally, you can find other great listings of responsive templates here , as well as themes for photographers or other themes designed by SiloCreativo 😉

The Best Corporate WordPress Themes

Having a website for the company or business with WordPress is highly recommended, thanks to the friendly administration panel for uploading content, and the self-management that WordPress has, without forgetting the SEO (which you can always improve with some plugins and advice) that provides us this CMS.

7 – A WordPress Theme For everything you need


+ InfoDemo

This template is presented like an almost real framework to create any type of website, from corporate to more concrete options. With responsive web design, this theme brings several plugins, as the revolution slider and the visual composer, to perform compositions by simply dragging and dropping. Very full at this point

In terms of design, given the amount of customisation options you have, it is difficult to make a clear judgment. Therefore, it is up to the user to make a good design based on what the template provides.

And if we talk about the speed of the site, the web demo where the template is installed earns a score of 77% for desktop version (not bad) and somewhat less for mobile version (to improve) but, overall, it is a passing score. It is a very complete theme without any doubt.

X – Infinite designs on a single theme


+ InfoDemo

If we had to find a way to define this template would be the chameleon. It contains multiple designs and templates with a single purchase. The options are also varied: WooCommerce integration with all the Google Fonts, File Formats… It is not for indecisive people.

In terms of design, it is also difficult to comment the styles applied. By having so many customisation options, it will depend very much on the notions of the end user to get a design that meets the expectations.

In loading speed issues, the theme gets a score of 75% for desktop version and 63% for mobile. It is not the slowest one, but it has to improve on this aspect.

Blog WordPress Themes

Continuing with the list of the 10 templates for blogs with great designs, we take over with an analysis of the news from this year to create blogs with WordPress. The trends are clear, very minimalist designs focusing on the content and the typographies.

SmartMag – When your WordPress blog becomes a Magazine


+ InfoDemo

If your blog is growing more than you thought, maybe it’s time to change it to a design more oriented to a digital Magazine. You can keep the management system with a design more oriented to a magazine, having the best of both worlds.

If this is your case, SmartMag is a good choice. With rating system for articles and different types of structure to help you configure your articles, this responsive WordPress theme is one of the best options in this section.

With a clean design, and a menu header that you can customise to bottom, you can change the colour of the template in the demo site to see how the different colours are shown.

As for the load speed, the data are 70% for desktop version and 57% for mobile version. They are not optimal data, but they are within the average.

Portfolio WordPress Themes

Whether you’re a designer, illustrator or work in any profession related to create works, you need a portfolio on your website where you can show the world what you do: your work; and WordPress is the best platform that I can think of. It is therefore essential that you choose a good theme to accompany and present your works as they deserve 😉

Brooklyn – Versatile Portfolio Theme for WordPress


+ InfoDemo

This WordPress template oriented to portfolios is unique in being a design on a single page (it is the last trending, although it is not the best for the SEO). As for the options, it includes several premium plugins and multiple customisation options.

The design is at an intermediate point between the flat design and minimalism, but it allows multiple options to customise. It brings also several parallax effects that might be interesting for this type of design.

And as for the speed of the site, 91% for desktop version, which is fine, and 68% for mobile. It is an interesting option to show good designs.

Patti – Parallax on one page


+ InfoDemo

Following the trend one page scrolling with many parallax effects in web design, Patti is a theme that fits well for a Portfolio with WordPress if you want to compose with this type of effects.

It comes equipped with several premium plugins (slider and builders page) plus several premium options like shortcodes, translation ready, Google web fonts.

Regarding the speed of loading of the template, it has a very low score (46% for desktop and 34% for mobile). But if this is not an impediment for you, Patti is a good choice for its design. You can see it on the demo site.

Vellum – More than a Portfolio theme


+ InfoDemo

Although Vellum might be in any category, it goes on the list of Portfolio WordPress themes by making good use of tones and colours in the same design.

This theme integrates several premium plugins, plus multiple options for converting or adding new features to the site, as wedding websites, business websites, real estate websites… It is very complete.

As for the loading speed of the template, the analysis provides in the demo site a score of 86% for desktop version (fantastic data) and 70% for mobile, which is above the average. It is a very balanced option.

Elision – Retina support for your Portfolio


+ InfoDemo

The Elision template fits well in the list of portfolio WordPress themes. It has more options to convert the portfolio into a corporate site or a super blog. It has the ability to include videos as background and other options such as image management, which make this template one option to consider.

As for the options, it is prepared for a full integration with WooCommerce, Google Web Fonts or Font Awesome icons to give more options and customisation to the website.

The loading speed is low for mobile version (50%) while for desktop version the score reaches 73%. Improved data, but with the amount of images and effects that incorporates, it is somewhat understandable.

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