The 12 best instagram filters for photoshop in 2019

If you are an Instagram user, you know very well that applying a filter to your images is a very easy task to do. Take a photo with your smartphone, open the app, choose the photo, choose one of the multiple filters and publish it on the social network. But what happens if we want to go one step further? Because, in many cases, the filters and options offered by Instagram may not be enough for our expectations. For this, we can use Photoshop and retouch our images there. But many may find it overwhelming the number of retouching options provided by Adobe software. Even if on these occasions, it is ideal to use Photoshop actions, which can be found on multiple websites.

And how can we use these actions? Well, it is very easy, we will simply have to add them to Adobe Photoshop. If you do not know how to do it, we recommend that you go over our article about actions in Photoshop that we wrote some time ago. You will see how, in a very simple way, you will be able to use the actions that we are going to show you with just a couple of mouse clicks. In addition, some of them are also functional with Adobe Lightroom, which I am sure many of you also use. Even if you are from the more alternative side like me, you can use them in Affinity Photo. And it is that the program of Serif is compatible with any complement and actions of Photoshop. As you can see, the options you have are varied.

As we have said, the number of shares that we have available to download can be distressing. And not all of you have the time necessary to search for the best suited to your needs. For this reason, we have created this compilation. We have listed the best actions for Photoshop that look for a style similar to Instagram filters, improving and expanding them. Thus, you can stand out on the rest of users with a different and original touch in your photographs, and capture the attention of your followers.



Go to FullSize

As indicated in the image, FullSize works from Adobe Photoshop CS3 onwards. So, those of you who have older versions of the program have no excuse. And not only that. They also offer us a complete video tutorial on how to use their filters and get a better performance.

Instagram Filter


Go to Instagram Filter

It is the best-selling stock package within GraphicRiver. And is not for less. 45 actions, each with the possibility of adjusting up to 37 different parameters. Each of your photos will have a special and different touch! You will not regret getting yourself an Instagram Filter thanks to all the possibilities it offers.

Instant Hipster


Go to Instant Hipster

Instant Hipster is ideal for those who seek a retro touch in their photographs. It currently has 27 different filters, but if we do with this package of actions, we will have available the new filters that will be released with each update. A good detail that makes this pack constantly topical.

Polaroids for Instagram


Go to Polaroids for Instagram

It is one of the most original actions in this list. And, with Polaroids we will not only apply filters to our images. In addition, and as its name indicates, we will give the physical appearance that these types of photographs have. It is very appropriate to create collages or give a unique look to our Instagram timeline.

Oil Painting


Go to Oil Painting

With Oil Painting we will go one step further than what the Instagram filters offer us. We will manage to create an aspect of hand painting, with all kinds of details such as brush strokes or a marked contrast. We will get the appearance that many professional images have in a few steps.



Go to Infinity

Fire, light, smoke, clouds, dust … The amount and variety of effects available in Infinity is colossal. With them, you will make your photos look like if they were taken from the latest Hollywood blockbuster.



Go to Anaglyph

Get a distortion effect and glitches with Anaglyph. You just have to choose an image, choose one of your 14 actions, and apply it in a single click. It includes a PDF tutorial that will help you get the most out of this action pack for Photoshop!

Indie Camera Actions


Go to Indie Camera Actions

Inspired by videos and photography from the Indie music scene, this action pack for Photoshop has a special aura. All the actions are organized in layers, from which everything can be modified from the colour, the distortion and even the texture. This package of actions contains 21 light leaks with a transparent background.

Generative Geometric Art


Go to Generative Geometric Art

Possibly my favourite of this compilation. With Generative Geometric Art we will achieve that, at least, our photographs are very recognizable. With a marked abstract aspect, playing with a very eighty colour palette and different graphic overlays, you will go from taking a photograph to creating a small piece of art.

Double Exposure


Go to Double Exposure

With these filters we will achieve a double exposure effect. What does this mean? We can merge two images to get a very attractive look. If you loved the introduction clip of the True Detective series and how the landscapes merged with the characters, you should take a look at Double Exposure.

Instagram X Pro II


Go to Instagram X Pro II

This pack of filters can be downloaded for free from DeviantArt. In addition to the different filters, some black frames are also included to frame our photographs and lens corrections to apply bokeh effects much more striking. With some patience, you can get one of my favourite effects, the tilt-shift or diorama illusion, to apply a miniature effect to the images.

Instagram Photoshop Action


Go to Instagram Photoshop Action

It is the second free filter of this list. On this occasion, we will achieve that our photographs have ocher tones, reaching a vintage effect. Even touching some values of these actions, we can vary a little the colours, getting more bluish or greenish tones. Because we can always go a little further by applying these effects.

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