Tea Packaging: fonts and colours!

As the last time we talked about packaging was long ago… (actually, it does not matter, any excuse is good to talk about packaging 😉 ), today I bring you some examples of packaging that caught my attention. Good and attractive packaging designs are becoming more and more important, and we just have to go to the supermarket to check. However, we still have further to go.

I wanted to bring some coffee packaging, (as we love coffee at Silo Creativo ), but seeing that summer is here, I thought a refreshing ice tea was the best option.

As happened with the wine packaging, there are many. When we talked about bread, we said that not so many bakeries were considering the packaging; however this is not the case of the tea. More and more brands consider packaging a decisive factor when it comes to opt for one or another product.

When we talk about tea packaging, we have to consider two things: both the box in which often the tea bags are, and the bags themselves.

There are brands that care especially the container box where there are the tea herbs without the bags. We can reuse them in the future with new tea or any object.



In other cases we can find both the box and the bag designed, with a design that enhances the overall brand image.


As with other products, the fonts are very important and can help us to convey a message or just to give a touch of creativity and distinction to our tea.


After talking about tea, and with the warm weather, I just want to make some tea; I am going to ask Ricardo and Mar, maybe they want too!


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