Quick guide on using colours in the design

We know the importance of colours in design and above all, we know that each colour must be based on a foundation, in addition to being beautiful, there must be a reason. So today we start with a guide on the use of colours in design, with a summary by colours! 😉


6 Trends for Designing your logo in 2015

Do not you know trends for logos in 2015? Well, do not worry; today we will talk about a few of them; so, if you do not have a logo yet, today can be a good time to design it, and if you have already one, just check it in case it needs to be updated! 😉


10 Free High Resolution Stock Images

Who does not search images on the Internet for your projects? We all know that it is hard to find the perfect image so I am sure these ten stock images will help you to find the image you are looking for. In addition they are high resolution and free license! I have already downloaded a few…


5 photo editing software online. My favourite: the 4

It is well known the importance of images for example, in a blog or website. Many times we have these images, but we need to resize them or retouch them with some effects. Today I propose a list of 5 photo editing software online, so it is no longer necessary to be working with our own computer 😉


3 Free fonts for Messages on Images

Some time ago we talked about 3 typefaces for powerful messages . These fonts were very valid for typographic prints or billboards, which form and style could give a creative and original twist to any job. I only talked about three but they are approximately 1,000, so today I am going to talk about other few.


Patterns: 5 Graphic Resources free download

We have talked about graphic design resources on other occasions, but today we bring patterns to download with a click and for free. You no longer have an excuse not to use them in your web, publishing or graphic works. I do not know which one I prefer … What do you think?


6 Free Downloadable Graphic Design Resources

We leave you 6 useful graphic design resources: some mockups and icons set that will surprise you. All are free and easily downloadable with just one click! There is no excuse to make a great presentation of your graphic design projects! 😉


Range of colours: uses and combinations

When choosing a range of colours for our designs, there is no absolute truth to choose the right one, as there is no way to be totally wrong in the election (well, maybe this does happen .) We must choose the range of colours that best suits what we want to reflect.