CSS Resources to Inspire

We bring you resources for web design as CSS, pseudo icons with an encyclopedia of CSS templates to make your style guide, and some more styles for inspiration. Do not expect a huge list, you know that here we are fans of quality over quantity. I hope you find them useful!


10 Free High Resolution Stock Images

Who does not search images on the Internet for your projects? We all know that it is hard to find the perfect image so I am sure these ten stock images will help you to find the image you are looking for. In addition they are high resolution and free license! I have already downloaded a few…


5 Free Resources to give effect to our Fonts

Since we have a large repertoire of fonts to choose from, depending on the message we want to convey and the medium on which we do, we will see a number of effects to apply to our letters so that our messages come especially attractive.


3 Free fonts for Messages on Images

Some time ago we talked about 3 typefaces for powerful messages . These fonts were very valid for typographic prints or billboards, which form and style could give a creative and original twist to any job. I only talked about three but they are approximately 1,000, so today I am going to talk about other few.


Patterns: 5 Graphic Resources free download

We have talked about graphic design resources on other occasions, but today we bring patterns to download with a click and for free. You no longer have an excuse not to use them in your web, publishing or graphic works. I do not know which one I prefer … What do you think?


Infographics: 10 Tips to Make a Typography Project

Do you have a project in mind and you do not know what the font you should use is? Do you need to combine two fonts and you intend on using Comic Sans? Do not get crazy! With this infographic you will find 10 useful tips that will make you an expert on fonts. 😉


6 Free Downloadable Graphic Design Resources

We leave you 6 useful graphic design resources: some mockups and icons set that will surprise you. All are free and easily downloadable with just one click! There is no excuse to make a great presentation of your graphic design projects! 😉