Most used and favourite colours: Infographic

Since we know everything about colours, we will show you everything in an infographic. There will be no colour you do not know 😉 We will walk through the tastes of the population about the colours and how they influence the brands when it comes to designing their logo!


Quick guide on using colours in the design

We know the importance of colours in design and above all, we know that each colour must be based on a foundation, in addition to being beautiful, there must be a reason. So today we start with a guide on the use of colours in design, with a summary by colours! 😉


Basic colour combinations between text and background colour

We already know the psychology of many of the colours used in design, so we can determine the use of them. Well, when it comes to texts that are printed on backgrounds, which should prevail over all is the readability of them. We cannot make the reader gets soon tired. So, one of the main parts of the design is its functionality.


3 Creative Fonts for powerful messages

Let’s talk about fonts! In most cases, we have talked about our beloved Google Fonts, as they are used on websites and combine well, being one of the largest source fonts. However, today, without a precedent ;), we will talk about three fonts that are not Google Fonts (because there is life after them …) that are also free and licensed for personal and commercial use.


Range of colours: uses and combinations

When choosing a range of colours for our designs, there is no absolute truth to choose the right one, as there is no way to be totally wrong in the election (well, maybe this does happen .) We must choose the range of colours that best suits what we want to reflect.


Orange: the underrated Colour

We do not like all colours equally. There are colours we like more than others because we identify with them. The fashion, for instance, is largely responsible for this. We will always prefer colours that make us feel better and happier, colours that make your friends think “how pretty you are”