SiloMag #54

We welcome the new year in SiloMag with many purposes to keep growing, and keep sharing the best news and resources that we capture every day. As always, the most interesting about graphic design, web design and WordPress, packaged and summarized for you.

But let’s not wait any longer, and let’s see what SiloMag brings us this week:

Graphic Design

Why Fashion Brands All Seem to Be Using the Same Font

fonts brands fashion

Many purveyors of upscale goods are choosing a similar feel. Bill Gardner, a designer who obsessively tracks corporate identities at LogoLounge, cites a litany of pricey brands that lately have opted for the all-caps sans-serif look. These designs might seem interchangeable, but look harder and you’ll see differences.


grid svg logos

Vector Logo Zone is a place to find uniform SVG logos perfect for any website. Each logo is consistently sized, padded, and has a transparent background making it look great on any website.

2019’s Visual Trends (according to stock libraries)

trends statue sunglasses

It’s that time of year again as stock image companies begin to share their forecasts for visual trends in the oncoming year. While it pays to be cynical as companies like DepositPhotos, Adobe Stock and Getty/iStock are obviously looking to get you to replace/grow your current library by buying more ‘on-trend’ images, the stock giants do also hit the mark in terms of what consumers are naturally gravitating towards to.

Web Design

It is 2019. Update Your Footer.

footer 2019

Change your static timestamp to an automatically updating copyright year or other dynamic timestamp. Just copy a code snippet from this website.

Website Color Schemes that Look Amazing

scheme color yellow website

Choosing the right website color schemes might not seem like much, but it can get you a long way. Cool color schemes will make the user feel more welcome and comfortable on your website while enhancing the overall user experience.

Is Design Valuable?

css gradients web snap

Making stuff online is hard. From acquiring a memorable domain to designing the interface and building the code to deploying in production and eventually making cash money, there are so many steps to putting something on the web.


Torque Toons: Gutenberg Blocks We’d Love To See

comic torque gutenberg block ouija

Gutenberg has raised a lot of controversy. Despite this, the people of Torque have taken it with humor, and imagined the blocks they would like to see in the new WordPress editor.

Best PDF Viewers for WordPress Compared

monitor pdf viewer

PDF files are an efficient and time-tested way to share and display documents, but there are some limitations when you do not have a PDF viewer for your website. You risk losing visitors: while browsers can load PDF documents, files load in a new tab or window, which means that viewers’ attention has already drifted from your site.

6 Must See Smart WooCommerce Bots

bot chat woocommerce

Plenty of businesses rely on smart chatbots to serve their customers 24/7. You don’t need to master new programming languages or AI concepts to add a smart bot to your own site. Here are 6 WooCommerce bots you don’t want to miss.

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