SiloMag #49

It seems that winter is beginning to come closer to our lives. The fireplace, the scarves, the hot chocolate … Am I the only one who loves winter? Anyway, let’s focus. And this week we bring you the best news and resources in SiloMag. The best of graphic design, web design and WordPress in one place. Only for you

This week, about graphic design, an interesting interview with a designer, those redesigned in a retro way, and a comic about graphic designers. About web design, variable fonts, and two pages with resources of color gradients and color palettes. And for WordPress, how to develop Chrome OS, free plugins and their maintenance, and a tool to scan our website.

As always, we hope you like it, and you can leave us any suggestions in the comments!

Graphic Design

Designed To Speak – Significance of Design – Aaron Draplin

interview aaron daplin

Aaron Draplin discusses the significance of design. Located in the mighty Pacific Northwest, the Draplin Design Co. proudly rolls up its sleeves on a number of projects related to the Print, Identity, Web Development, Illustration and Gocco Muscle categories.

If modern internet companies existed in 1970s – early 1990s

logo youtube retro

What would happen if we took the logos of the most famous Internet companies, and reimagined them with the style of a few eras ago? This is what they have done from the YouTube channel Future Punk. A video of short duration, but that shows us how much graphic trends have changed in recent years.

Designer Problems Illustrated

comic designer problems

Every profession has its downsides and designers are no exception. Creative Market have created Designer Problems comics, written and illustrated by Seth Roberts and Brian Hawes they show the light side of the dark side of designer work. Be sure to check out honest illustrations about the daily problems of every designer.

Web Design

New Interactions – Experiments with variable fonts

interrogations variable fonts

New Interactions is a series of experiments utilizing the OpenType variable font specification. These were built with the intention of exploring the newfound Wild West of web text. All demos use Jost by Indestructible Type, which contains two axes: weight and italic.

Gradient Hunt – Beautiful Color Gradients

examples gradients css

The gradients of colors are a trend that has caused a furor during this year. And in the heat of it, some interesting sites that make compilations of gradients have emerged. Gradient Hunt is one of them, and allows us to visualize your library ordering according to linear or radial gradient, besides being able to see the most popular among its users.

Trendy Palettes – Beautiful Color Palettes

showcase color palettes

Another repository in this SiloMag. Although this time it is of color palettes. Very useful when starting some projects, and we want everything to have some chromatic harmony. In Trendy Palettes we can order the color palettes according to the most popular, or directly launch the adventure with the random mode.


Developing WordPress, Jetpack, and Calypso on ChromeOS

screenshot chrome os

Chromebooks have become an upward trend in recent years in North America. Especially in students. But can it be your team if you are a web developer? Dan Walmsley thinks so, and offers a complete tutorial on how to install your favorite tools on Chrome OS.

Maintaining Free WordPress Plugins is NOT Free

money free plugins wordpress

Despite the widespread belief that can be distilled from rude comments and reviews on the plugin repo, maintaining a free plugin is not free. It doesn’t matter whether you charge for a plugin or not, hours still go into it! And while you may argue how bad a plugin is because you found two bugs in it someone invested time and money into it. Due to an overwhelming amount of abandoned plugins in the repository, I decided to clarify a simple premise – how do free plugins get financed and why the lack of money is the number one cause of abandoned plugins.

WPScan: a WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

logo wpscan

If you want to check if your site in WordPress has some kind of vulnerability, be it in the core, plugins or themes, WPScan can help you. In addition, WPScan’s list of new vulnerabilities is constantly evolving. And not only that, it will also warn you if you have weak passwords or a security configuration problem.

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