SiloMag #46

We are finishing August, summer begins to give us its last moments, but we do not forget SiloMag. What better way to get back from the last dip in the pool than by taking a look at the latest news and resources on graphic design, web design and WordPress that we bring you.

On this occasion, about graphic design we will see how the image of some fashion brands has changed, a web with illustrations, and a video about letterpress. On web design, we see topics on Variable Sources, personal projects and the digital modernization of a classic newspaper. And about WordPress, we talk about malware, embed Instagram on our website, and common problems in the administration area.

As always, we hope you like it, and you can leave us any suggestions in the comments!

Graphic Design

Burberry, Calvin Klein and the changing face of fashion branding

burberry logo brand

Earlier this month, Burberry revealed the biggest change to its visual identity in over a century. Its 160-year-old logo – which featured the brand’s name underneath an image of a knight on a horse – has been replaced with a surprisingly minimal word mark created by Peter Saville and Burberry’s Creative Director, Riccardo Tisci. The logo was revealed alongside a new monogram which spells out TB (the initials of the brand’s founder, Thomas Burberry), inspired by a logo from 1908. Speaking to Dezeen, Saville described the logotype as a “complete step-change” – one that “taps into the heritage of the company in a way that suggests what the twenty-first century cultural coordinates of Burberry could be”.

Undraw is a website that has a ton of free to use illustrations

resources web illustrations

Sometimes we have brought you some web with resources to use in our projects. Normally with icons, photographs or sources. But this time we go a step further with Undraw, from where we can download full illustrations directly. As a curiosity, we can change the color of the main element of the illustration directly on the web, without needing to download it.

Can You Combine Foil + Letterpress?

print letterpress

One of those videos with which we were completely hypnotized. On this occasion, we will see the process of creating typographic prints thanks to aluminum plates. If you like the letterpress, or will love this video.

Web Design

An Exploration of Variable Fonts

fonts real world

Variable Fonts are the latest addition to the OpenType font format and change the way we make and use fonts on desktop and web. In short, they offer the possibility to pack many different styles into a single font file. That means you can have bold, medium, light and italics all in one file. It also gives you the ability to transition smoothly from a style to another by animating values along one or more axe

The Insufferable Pain of the Personal Project

progress bar career

The personal project – a designer’s single most important tool when it comes to getting great commissions and adoration from your peers. A chance to flex your creative muscles and show what you’re really capable of. Right? A recent quiet period forced me, reluctantly, to embark on this most well worn of paths. I opened up my little book of ideas, saved for such a moment, and set to work. As the days turned into weeks, all I had to show for my efforts was a bunch of disparate concepts. In desperation I decided to embrace my lack of focus and make a piece about the dysfunction of my process. The result? I made a personal project about making a personal project.

A Faster and More Flexible Home Page that Delivers the News Readers Want

wall full newspapers

For many of our readers, the New York Times desktop home page is an important and familiar place to connect with the news each day. It also hasn’t changed much over the last decade, even as the story formats we use, the platforms we support, and the ways our readers consume content online have rapidly evolved.


Comprehensive WordPress Malware Removal Guide

server malware wordpress

Performing a WordPress malware removal in a way that you can be sure that it’s clean is not an easy task. That’s why a service like this can cost over 150 dollars per site and even then, depending on the service provider, you can’t be sure if the site was properly cleaned or not. The latest research by Acunetix reveals that around 84% of websites contain vulnerabilities, which means all of them are prone to be infected at any time.

How to Add Instagram Feed and Stories on your WordPress website and blogs

feed instragram blog wordpress

Adding Instagram feeds and stories on your WordPress website and blog gives you a lot of benefits like: connecting your website visitors / users to your Insta account directly from the website. If you are interested in adding your Instagram feeds, beautiful images and cool video gallery and activities in your WordPress website then, you are in the right place. Here, we will discuss the benefits of adding Instagram feeds on a website and will provide a short tutorial about how to add Instagram feeds and stories on your WordPress website and blogs.

6 common problems when logging into the WordPress Admin Area

admin finger wordpress

WordPress is a powerful platform for everything from personal blogging to enterprise sites. It contains an excellent set of features to make it as easy as possible to create online publications, make it pleasant and convenient. Daily on the forums, there are many questions about the most common issues with WordPress, faced by beginners. WordPress is easy to install and fun to work with, new users enjoy using the powerful features offered by many plugins and themes. Though WordPress is easy to get started with and learn, there are some things that can be difficult. This article covers the most frequently asked WordPress problems and how to solve them.

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