SiloMag #41

It seems that it does nothing that we started the year, and we are already opening the year. How fast for the time, right? Above all, when it is a pleasure to bring every two weeks the articles and resources that have most attracted our attention about graphic design, web design and WordPress. The truth is that there are almost always small wonders that inspire us every day.

And in this SiloMag, about graphic design, video about hand lettering, the history of the creation of an illustration and the controversial campaign of a videogame. In web design, we enter the 8 point-grid, we see some graphics in CodePen, and a website with resources for our projects. And about WordPress, a collection of resources for Gutenberg, Starter Themes for WordPress, and a new project that may interest you: WP Rig.

As always, we hope you like it, and you can leave us any suggestions in the comments!

Graphic Design

My Modern Met Chunky Marker Hand Lettering by Dave Towers

lettering process dave towers

If you like the world of lettering, you can not miss this video of Dave Towers. Personally, I am always mesmerized with the skill demonstrated by these graphic designers.

Creating an Illustration for The New Yorker (in seven days)

sketch process

The New Yorker has had an outsized influence on American culture since its launch in 1925. Beyond its legendary long form stories, its unique graphic style has inspired generations of designers. But with mere days for concepting, design and animation, the process of making its editorial illustrations can be frantic. In this article, Daniel Savage walks us through the creation of an illustration for an article on paper jams.

Beyond Good And Evil 2’s Plan To Crowdsource Art From Fans Prompts Backlash

monkey art game

Ubisoft is asking fans to contribute art and music to its upcoming game Beyond Good and Evil 2, with the promise of monetary compensation if their work is chosen. Fans are already diving in with gusto, but critics quickly pointed out the issues with asking people to do work for only the possibility of payment.

Web Design

8-Point Grid: Typography On The Web

typography grid

When Elliot Dahl started looking around at popular websites to figure out the best practices for web typography, he must admit he was baffled. Below are some examples of typography scales Elliot pulled from a few popular websites and design systems. Can you find the unifying pattern?

amCharts V4: Dragging slices from one pie chart to another

chart colors donught

Every time we dive among the CodePen projects, we find real wonders. On this occasion, the people of amCharts show us how we can create a donut-shaped graphic, from which we can drag & drop each of its elements to insert them in another graphic.

Beautiful gradients as placeholder images

gradient placeholder

If you are designing a website, or creating a prototype with some of the tools that we showed you the other day, such as Adobe XD, I’m sure this website suits you very well. It offers gradients to insert in our placeholders. A great way to color our previous designs.


53 Resources for Developers & Designers building Blocks for Gutenberg

There has been an increase in developer resources around Gutenberg. Gutenberg Times collected quite a few here. A good way to start working with Gutenberg and be prepared before your official departure.

State of WordPress starter themes 2018

workplace wordpress

After working with many different WordPress starter themes, Shash decided to compile a list of the most current and up-to-date WordPress starter themes. Here are some of the most popular starter themes. Keep in mind that these themes are for serious development only. You won’t find any theme in here which isn’t maintained or which is badly coded.

WP Rig: My Love Letter to the WordPress Community

wprig code

What is WP Rig? In short, it is the vehicle that Morten Rand-Hendriksen believes the WordPress community needs to not just power 30% of the web but actively drive the web forward. WP Rig is an evolution on the tried and true starter theme model: a modern build process and WordPress starter theme bundled together, created to simplify the process of building advanced, accessible, performant, progressive themes.

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