SiloMag #37

We have a very important news to give you … the good weather seems like it’s here to stay! At least, in the northern hemisphere, which is where we are. And to celebrate, what better way than some of the best articles and resources we have found during the last two weeks. Go for it!

And in this SiloMag, about graphic design, rock group posters, cartoon backgrounds, and persuasive design. In web design, the web design of local newspapers, the redesign of Chrome, how to create animations with Sass. And about WordPress, its 15th anniversary, the Data Protection Law, and about contact pages.

As always, we hope you like it, and you can leave us any suggestions in the comments!

Graphic Design

Fantastic music poster from Chuck Sperry

chuck sperry poster twiddle woman flowers

Chuck Sperry is a legend in the world of rock posters but everyone needs to start somewhere. And for this legend, his career as a designer and illustrator began at the University of Missouri when he began to make flyers and posters for bands with names like Art Sluts and Blind Idiot God. He was studying journalism and art but ended up spending his years of study focused on the editorial work he did as a cartoonist for the school newspaper.

Looney Tunes animation backgrounds

animation background looney tunes

We all remember many of the Looney Tunes characters: Bugs Bunny, Speedy Gonzalez … But would you be able to remember the scenarios where their adventures were located? In this compilation of images, we see some of them. You will be surprised to see how they had a marked aesthetic character that perhaps you did not see at the time.

The Beauty Of Persuasive Design (User Interface Design)

icons persuasive design

Persuasive design is an area of design practice that focuses on influencing human behavior through a product’s or service’s characteristics. This is used in any field requiring a target group’s long-term engagement. To the average user, you may not notice anything difference, but it is those seemingly insignificant aspects of design which make a big impact.

Web Design

Why Are Newspaper Websites So Horrible?

local newspaper web

When Emily Goligoski’s parents want to read their local newspaper, the two Ohioans load up the PDF version of the print newspaper on their iPad and scroll through, “turning” digitally pixelated pages instead of reading the stories from the paper’s website. Put another way: Why must newspaper websites suck so damn much?

First look at Google Chrome’s UI design refresh

chrome ui redesign

Users of Google Chrome Canary, the cutting edge version of Google’s web browser, have a chance to get a sneak peek of a user interface design refresh that Google may plan to launch in all versions of Chrome eventually. The feature is hidden behind a flag currently but that is a common practice by Google; the company uses flags to hide future features from the general population. While there is no guarantee that features will land in Chrome one day, it is often the case that Google uses experimental flags to prepare the wider release.

Creating smooth sequential animations with Sass

sass animation smooth

Animations are a crucial ingredient in adding life and character to a website or application. They can make transitions feel faster even if they take more time than when they’re not animated. Animation is particularly useful when requesting dynamic data from APIs and that’s what I’m focusing on today.


Celebrate the WordPress 15th Anniversary on May 27

wordpress cake

Party time! Join WordPress fans all over the world in celebrating the 15th Anniversary of WordPress by throwing your own party! Check the WordPress 15th Anniversary website to see if there’s a party already planned for your town. If there is, RSVP for the party and invite your friends!

How To Be GDPR Compliant With WordPress

gdpr wordpress eu

Are you ready for the new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union? In this video, Paul Murphy tells us which are its most relevant aspects, and how we can integrate it correctly on our website under WordPress.

What Makes a Good WordPress Contact Page?

wordpress phone contact

The contact page is a critical part of every WordPress site. Sure, you could place social media links in a top sticky bar, include a live chat down below, and embed a contact form on relevant pages. But visitors know that, if there is a means by which you can reach the company in person or in the digital space, that information can be found there.

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