SiloMag #32

A new SiloMag is here, with the most interesting news and resources we have found during the last two weeks on the world of graphic design, web design and WordPress, and that inspire us in our day to day life.

And in this SiloMag, about graphic design, a generator of fake clientset, some controversial rebrands and the new image of Czech Republic´s soccer beach. On web design, custom SVG patterns, a guide about modern CSS, and how to start in CSS Grid. And finally, for WordPress, a partnership between Google and WordPress, an Amazon’s plugin for WordPress, and how to integrate social media accounts in WordPress.

As always, we hope you like it, and you can leave us any suggestions in the comments!

Graphic Design

Random generator of fake clients

fake clients logo

It is not the first time that in our free time, wanting to improve our skills, we try to make logos with ideas that come to us. But sometimes we can not think of an issue with which to start designing. And for those occasions we present you FakeClients, which will randomly generate requests from imaginary clients so that we can fulfill their wishes.

Six of football’s most controversial rebrands

leeds shield

With football club Leeds United facing backlash from fans over its redesigned crest, here’s a look at some of the sport’s most controversial rebrands – from Red Bull’s creation of RB Leipzig to the minimal redesign of Juventus’ logo, that we already show you in another SiloMag.

Letters Become Players At Czech Beach Party

flag czech beach football

Beach Soccer Czech Republic recently approached Jan Šabach with an identity assignment and, he says, “I knew I wanted to stay away from the overused motifs of palm trees, sun, ocean and a silhouette of a beach soccer player doing the signature bicycle kick … This visual language wouldn’t feel believable or authentic in the Czech (a landlock country) environment and it wouldn’t stand out among all the other world beach soccer clubs.”

Web Design

Customizable SVG patterns and background designs for websites

circles patterns

SVG Backgrounds hosts a collection of free to use customizable SVG-based repeating backgrounds for websites and blogs. You will find different patterns, which you can customize by changing their colors, scale, opacity, or line thickness, among other options.

Modern CSS Explained For Dinosaurs

dinosaur talk css

CSS is strangely considered both one of the easiest and one of the hardest languages to learn as a web developer. It’s certainly easy enough to get started with it — you define style properties and values to apply to specific elements, and…that’s pretty much all you need to get going! However, it gets tangled and complicated to organize CSS in a meaningful way for larger projects. Changing any line of CSS to style an element on one page often leads to unintended changes for elements on other pages.

How I design with CSS grid

design guides

After a couple of rounds of introducing CSS grid to people who haven’t tried it before, Chen Hui Jing found it wasn’t the implementation of grid that people asked questions about, rather, it was the bit before that. The actual planning of how a layout would be set up.


Google dedicates engineering team to accelerate development of WordPress ecosystem

google wordpress logos

Google has invested heavily in shaping the architecture of the web, working with developers, the open-source community and the SEO community to ensure adoption of technologies and practices as part of its mission “to contribute to the prevalence of a healthy, flourishing, and vibrant web.” Most recently, Google has partnered with open-source content management system (CMS) WordPress, arguably the largest, with market share nearing 59 percent and an estimated 1/3 of all web content published through the platform — including our three publications.

Amazon launches a Polly WordPress plugin that turns blog posts into audio

audio curves amazon wordpress

Amazon today is launching a new Amazon Polly WordPress plugin that gives your blog a voice by creating audio versions of your posts. The resulting audio can be played from within the blog post itself, or accessed in podcast form using a feature called Amazon Pollycast, the company says.

How to integrate your social media accounts with WordPress

smartphone social media

For WordPress, the best way to include social media elements is to use plugins. These Plugins can not only extend the functionality in enhancing the traffic but also help in exchanging the traffic between the website and social media, leave positive impacts of users/visitors, brand building and promote profiles in social media.

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