SiloMag #29

The first SiloMag of the year is loaded with news, resources and tutorials that we hope will be useful and help you in your projects. As always, we encourage you to tell us what you think, just like we like you to share your discoveries with us.

And this week in SiloMag, about graphic design, 7 famous icons what we can learn from them, an app which generates color schemes, and timeline animations for Sketch. On web design, a free icons pack, Instagram’s filters in CSS, and a video about evolution of color in CSS4. And finally, for WordPress, the White House moves to WordPress, rules and permissions in WordPress, and an interesting image’s plugin.

As always, we hope you like it, and you can leave us any suggestions in the comments!

Graphic Design

7 Iconic Logos And What You Can Learn From Them

Famous Logos

Logo design is one of those areas of graphic design that looks easy, but can be fiendishly difficult to get right. So classic logos that have stood the test of time can offer some handy pointers when you come to work on your own designs. In this post, Gary Earley look at seven logos that became world-famous, and explore how they were designed and the lessons we can learn from their success.

The super fast color schemes generator!

Color Scheme APPs

Thanks to this application, available in iOS, Chrome and as an extension for Adobe software, we can randomly generate, save and share color palettes. In addition, we can also explore the palettes created by other users, so the possibilities grow exponentially.

Timeline Animations for Sketch

Timeline in Sketchs

Drag and drop layers in each keyframe to animate. Work faster with all keyframes laid out, just like to artboards. Similar to Keynote magic-move and After Effects Timeline. Use a Timeline, to easily customize timing & curves.

Web Design

Free Icons from ThemeIsle

Pack icons

You already know how we like to share many of the freebies we find on the Internet. And on this occasion, the ThemeIsle team share a wonderful pack of icons with very simple lines, which will surely fit perfectly into some of our projects.

Complete set of Instagram filters in pure CSS

Instagram Filters

If you want to use the filters available on Instagram in the images of your website, thanks to this tool of Picturepan2 you have the possibility to do so, and in a non-destructive way. Through the use of CSS, we will have available all the filters of the famous social network.

The Evolution of CSS4 Color

Evolution color CSS

Why has color management taken so long to get going on the Web? Isn’t it kind of esoteric and specialized – what does it do for you, in practical terms? What, in fact, is color anyway – isn’t it kind of subjective? After attending this talk you will understand that color is a measurable, reproducible sensation; standardized since 1931! You will get white point adaptation (you already know this, you maybe just don’t know the term).

WordPress Moves From Drupal to WordPress in CMS Shift

White House logo

With relatively little fanfare, the website was relaunched on Dec. 15 using a WordPress CMS, instead of Drupal. Although there was no official announcement on the website, a simple look at the source HTML code for the site provides enough evidence that WordPress is being used.

WordPress User Roles & Permissions: How to Control Them?

Permissions in WordPress

There are many popular websites like New York Times, CNN, and TechCrunch etc. which are using WordPress. Most of them are tech and news sites where hundreds of thousands of writers apply there to be a contributor. It is not easy to maintain and add capabilities individually. If you are running a multi-author blog or a news portal site, then you should know the basics of WordPress user roles, how to add capabilities and how to control them.

WordPress Plugin – Pixabay Images 3.0

Mosaic in Pixabay

Over 1,000,000+ quality public domain images at your hands! To get started with Pixabay Images, download and install the plugin. Installation through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress is also available. Once you’ve activated the plugin you’ll be able to search, edit, and insert images from Pixabay conveniently inside your WordPress content editor.

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