Problems with your WordPress Theme? Where to Find Help

Every problem has a solution, even the most complex. The WordPress themes are not out, either by configuration issues, by the import of content or the compatibility with a plugin. Whatever the problem you have with your template is, you have a solution, so take a deep breath as we are going to list the points that you must follow to find help in the right place.

The most important thing after checking that we followed the steps of documentation and the problem is not caused by any particular plugin or mistake in the configuration of WordPress (permalinks, comments, reading settings or other common problems) should know where to find the help or what is the same, ask the right person, in this case the author of the theme. Answering the following questions you will find the solution.

Are you using or

The first thing is to differentiate what platform you are using, and (you can see the differences here (In Spanish),) because although apparently both themes may look identical, there are some details that they do not share, so the solution to a theme in could not serve for a theme in and vice versa.

If you are using, the following basic question is whether your theme is premium or free. This will help us define where we got our theme and therefore go to the source or author.

Problems with premium themes in

If you purchased a premium theme, the author should be supported through the channel offered. If the theme comes from a marketplace like Themeforest or Mojo Marketplace, you have enabled a section support with previous doubts of other users. That’s the right place to ask questions!


If instead you purchased your theme directly from the author’s website, such as Elegant Themes, you must register in its help forum or search the contact form to solve issues about the theme. Both options are possible.

For example, at SiloCreativo our WordPress templates are distributed in various marketplaces, so we offer the option of support forum of each marketplace. However, for forum in English, we also offer the possibility of support via email in Spanish through the support form.

Problems with free themes in

If our theme is free, then it is more likely that we downloaded it from the repository WordPress themes or from the author’s website. In the case of official repository, each theme has its own support forum. It is important to note that the authors of these themes do not charge anything for this product, so we should be grateful for the hours devoted to the theme and support.


If you have downloaded the template from the website of the author, as before with premium themes, you have to search on the web if the author offers support via forum or via contact form.

I have a problem with a theme in

If instead we are at the next question to ask is whether our theme is premium or free. Before continuing, remember that the themes at (as with plugins) are not installed, since it is not possible to introduce external content, they are only activated.

Problems with Premium Themes for

If you paid for it, then go to the forum for premium themes and select the one you are using in the list on the left. From there you enter the exclusive forum where you can ask the creators of the theme for a particular issue. The response time is usually within 24 hours, excluding weekends. Before commenting, review the topics already started, someone may have had the same problem as you and the solution could be already explained.


Problems with Free themes for

If the theme you are using is free, then you have at your disposal the general forum for themes. Here they are not ordered by templates, so you need to use the search engine to check if your problem is already solved.

If not, open a new inquiry. Doubts here are answered by staff members and volunteers of, so the response time can vary, but usually they do it fast.

Still in doubt? More help

The above indications will lead you to contact the team or support person fastest and efficiently. However, if you have not yet found the necessary help, you can resort to the general forums of on templates, moderated by volunteers. Or if you need special attention to resolve your problem, hire an expert in WordPress that can help you.

I hope these steps will help you find the source to solve your problems as quickly as possible. Good luck!

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