Packaging with original and fun cardboards

We have not talked about packaging for almost a year! Time always passes very fast, without realizing it, and there are so many issues that we want to share that some stay at the end … But do not worry ! Today we are going to solve this.

We have talked about many types of packaging, for specific elements like coffee, wine, tea… or more general, but always with a touch of originality and creativity that characterizes them and makes them unique.

Today we are going to share with you packaging for creative and original assumptions, but they all have something in common, they are made of paper or cardboard. We have seen that the product that we are wrapping influences a lot over the material that we use to do it, but if we can say something is that this is perhaps the most used material as packaging. Almost all everyday objects or foods come in a cardboard box, and this, which may lead one to think that disparaging the material just does the opposite. It is so present in our daily life that we have to care for it and dignify it.

In addition, it is one of the most versatile materials there is, as we can give it the way we want. In turn we can print the colour we need and it is a perfect canvas to play with fonts. What more do we want ? If we realize we can do with it what we need, from starting with a more current packaging and give a touch of creativity with fonts and colours, to the contrary, try several ways that make it different and so original that you do not need nothing else.

What we have to keep in mind is that it is a material very easy to use with which we can innovate in many aspects. Today we bring you some examples of these types that we hope you like and inspire you!

Print colour!

As we said sometimes we do not need to change the packaging in its form, because we can print creativity with colours and fonts. As you can see the packaging is very simple and corresponds to any brand of these objects, but nevertheless, the inclusion of colours and fonts make it stand out.




We have taken a packaging, which we could say is normal, but we have printed a different touch that of course distances it from other packaging of the same style.

Change or modify its shape

In this case the packaging adapts to the element that surrounds, so that with simple shapes, it becomes a container that in many occasions we can keep for a second use!

In these cases a factor is included : the functionality, since all the packaging that we propose you change their form to facilitate the transport of the product. As you see, you do not need big changes, but small details that get the packaging to become special and different.



A packaging with lots of creativity

In this case we bring you a packaging that uses paper to give an effect of creativity and originality, a distinct touch that makes it unique and fun. The form is not complicated and it does not need great colouring or fonts because we create an effect with its function.


We hope you like them and they inspire you!

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