Original, Creative and very Functional Packaging!

We have seen so many packaging, that now it is increasingly more difficult to choose one. But every time I see a creative packaging I have to share it with you.

Normally we talked about specific packaging of a food or an object. We talked about almost all basic food: bread, pasta, oil, honey… and we explored other that are very present in our routine, such as wine, tea… Therefore, although there are still many food to explore, today we will see different types of packaging for different elements, but with one thing in common: they are all very original and creative.

As you know the packaging is the element that makes our product stand apart from the competition. If the product is bad, it will not succeed any way, but in good products an attractive packaging will always make more appetizing a product to be purchased.

The packaging is the letter of presentation of our product, so we have to take care of it. Recently I read about a brand of homemade food to take away. They send their products on the typical plastic base plate and with the same type of label you can find on any product in a supermarket, even if they are a modern brand with a modern website. The food is very good, but people are disappointed.

If next time, for example, the food is not as good, the customer will have two disappointments in the mind. These small details are what make decant us by one and not the other option when we are between two. We have to keep in mind that the image is really important.

So once we have talked about the importance of packaging, let see these examples of original and creative packaging! 🙂

A wine with a conscience

We know that we can be very original with wine in packaging, as we can take into account the packaging itself and we can design each product labels.

So when I saw this label, I found it totally original. Surely most of you feel the same way…
I think it is clear enough.


Which pencil should I use?

I am sure we have all asked that question to our teacher of drawing at school. My teacher used to directly write it on the board!

I find it a very original way to arrange pencils in a very unconventional pencil box, but really elegant and perfect. We just have to know whether to use the HB or 2B.


Clean clothes with more fun

I hate the washer! I do not know if anyone like it … but I do not like hanging up clothes, folding laundry, and washing the same clothes over and over again every week…. But it must be done, so with this packaging at least, it is more comfortable and fun.

We do not use plastic but paper bag developed with a scoop to take the right amount of detergent. Perfect! Does not it?


A very clean packaging

When we eat any nut in shell we always have the same problem. We do not know where to throw it. When we are at home we can have a bowl or napkin on which throwing it, but when we go down the street it is always a mess to have at the same time the bag of peanuts, the shells, and keep eating! Thus with this bag, we free a hand and we can still enjoy!


Afternoon movie and sofa

How often do we say that phrase, especially on Sunday winter afternoon, when it seems that the only thing we want is to be home? So what better way to accompany us than popcorn!

This package further original is very practical and beautiful, and reminds me of the figures made with origami!


Think before taking a shower

Sometimes we get under the shower and let our minds rest so that we forget that we are wasting water! With this creative packaging for soap, we can forget other things, but not that one.


Today I have brought a few examples of creative and original packaging, and as you can see also very functional. Sometimes you just have to stop and think what product is the one you are going to use and how to use it, and then start with the packaging.

It is not a threat, but we will return with more packaging (I already have a list)… 😉

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