Inspiration: Downloadable print

One of the biggest fears of people, when it comes to develop their work, is the lack of inspiration. This fear is even greater when work involves creativity. The writer fears “the curse of the white sheet,” the architect “not to know how to create spaces,” the designer “not to find good color combinations” and so on. Everyone fears that one day, after waking up, what allow them to get great ideas every day at work is finished.

The other day I was in that phase of doubt where you set out everything “These colors combine well?” “This typeface is appropriate?” “This illustration reflects what I want?”… When I started to think if two and two were really four ;), I remembered a quote from the remarkable Pablo Picasso. It made ​​me to calm down and realize that doubts were only doubts, but inspiration was a state I could get.


Click on the image to download it in A4 size

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