Downloadable Calendar: September 2017

This summer we have done many things. We went on holiday. We packed everything in the van and went to explore, but most importantly, we closed for happiness!

We have explored new horizons and places feeling like real corsairs discovering a new archipelago. An archipelago to live, to know and to explore and in which we hope to stay a long time.

As the song says “Sailing without fear at sea is the best” and we keep sailing slowly to enjoy the whole trip.

We hope that this new course will give us many more explorations so we enjoy the new conquered archipelago.

Font combination

We wanted to find a font combination that created contrast and in which a marine font that you alredy know appeared, the cookit. It is a font with a lot of style that gives us a funny air, or why not a “pirate” air.

We have also used another font for the numbers, the PT sans, known by all and that establishes the contrast that we searched with the cookit font.

Colour combination

As predominant colours we have combined the blue and red colours with different shades of both, so they produce contrast between the blue of the sea and the sky and the different elements such as the ship and the archipelago.

Although the year begins in January, for everybody September is the beginning of the new course, so it is time to make plans and organize projects. It is also a good month to enjoy the good weather, so we wish that you continue exploring as corsairs and enjoy everything that the month ahead.

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