Downloadable Calendar: November 2017

Autumn is a season that not everyone likes because sometimes it seems that it exemplifies the decline in a certain way, but I think that it is a necessary stage to complete the cycle and its colours have a special beauty.

There are many times in which we have dedicated the calendar to spring flowers, because they are very characteristic of this season, but nevertheless in the autumn we have other flowers that even if do not endow the environment with the same colour, they print some warm tones with a special elegance that we like.

That is why this month is dedicated to those flowers that maybe go unnoticed but that without a doubt give a special charm to those autumnal passages. So there is nothing left but to hope that you enjoy this month of November as much as we do and that those colours transport you to an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility.

Colour combination

The colour combination is completely autumnal, so we find quality shades ranging from reddish tones to brown. We wanted everything to transport us to that environment and to remind us of that characteristic landscape.

Font combination

In this case we combine a font that we had already talked about, the Eufoniem, very creative and with hand-drawn strokes, with a Google Font, which we present to you, the Asap, with a detail of rounded edges.

With this combination, as always, we look for contrast and readability and, of course, that it fits with the environment of the illustration, in this case dedicated to the Autumn.

Designed by Silo Creativo



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If you prefer that as wallpaper for mobile without the calendar


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