Downloadable Calendar: May 2017

As we said last year, May is the month of flowers. The countryside is greener, the flowers brighter and everything looks cleaner. In addition we start to think about June and therefore, the summer.

However, not only the field is preparing for the arrival of summer, but the sea, in its own way, also begins to flourish. From June we will enjoy it on its surface, but in May, we will see how spring also starts “modifying” marine blood.

Font Combination

For the title, in this case we wanted to use one of the creative Google fonts that we talked about in this article, the Barrio. It is free and very simple to download from the web of Google Font. Its casual air goes very much in line with the marine environment.

On the other hand, for the font of the days of the week, we return to one of our favorite Google Font, the Montserrat. With this font we combine its two styles for numbers and text.

Colour Combination

Since we are in a marine environment, the predominant colours are green and blue in different shades. At the same time to give a touch of contrast we have included some warm colours like orange and brown, without wanting to focus on those points but serving to remove coldness to the illustration.

We wanted to transmit a marine atmosphere without losing the warmth of who is at home.

We hope you like it and May is a great month !!

Designed by Silo Creativo



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