Downloadable Calendar: March 2017

I have said on numerous occasions that I do not dislike winter. However, I cannot deny that I cannot be in a place that has a winter without sun; the one in charge of painting our grey days. Therefore, if we have something to thank for spring, it is that change of colour.

Spring changes our filter and makes what seemed dull and grey suddenly filled with bright colours. The sky is more blue, the green is greener and everything has a little more intensity.

That’s why sometimes I like to think as if it were an illustration:colourful bubbles filling our spring and giving the colour we need! It is always good to print colour to our grey days and we will start doing it from the first day of this month.

Happy spring!

Colour combination

As we said in the previous paragraph, spring comes to print colour to our life, so in this case we play with a combination of bright colours on a background that will mix greys and sepia.

In this way we get a contrast on a grey background of these colours: red, fuchsia, blue … that will print contrast.

Font combination

As in most cases, we start with a font combination that prints contrast while enriching the illustration. In this case, we start from two fonts of which we have already spoken in the blog.

For the numbers we use the Google font Poppins, with a high legibility and a direct stroke. For the name of the month we introduce a very original font that we saw in this article, the Viinci.

Designed by Silo Creativo



1024×768 (Recommended for Tablets)

1280×720 (Perfect for Mobile devices)

1280×800 (Recommended for Laptops)



If you prefer that as wallpaper for mobile without the calendar


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