Downloadable Calendar: July 2017

If June was an expected month, July may be the favourite month for everyone. The usual is that we are on holiday, and if we work, the atmosphere is much more relaxed and we can use leisure time to go out, to go to the beach or the pool…

We are going on holiday! It is the time to take our luggage and move as far as we can from the city towards a more relaxed destination. This does not mean that we do not continue reading all summer, much less, but we will do it in a place where the breeze is our companion and we can enjoy our beloved July.

Encouragement to those who work! Think that August is just coming.

Happy holidays!

Font combination

In this case as we usually do, we opted for a more creative font for the name of the month and for the days we took one of the Google Font that we have seen lately. This way in July we have used a font (we will see it soon) with a very summery air, Miller and for the days of the week the Google Font Fira Sans.

The combination is very creative and we believe it is also in accordance with the illustration.

Colour combination

As you can see the colour palette is wide because we wanted to use a selection of pastel tones with a greater prominence of the green, but resulting in a very summery illustration.

With the tones, we wanted to represent that freshness of summer and its dynamism. In general we have taken an analogous combination, but introducing different tonalities that give a different and more cheerful touch.

We hope you like it and enjoy a great summer. We are going to do everything we can to make it happen!


Designed by Silo Creativo



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If you prefer that as wallpaper for mobile without the calendar


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