Downloadable Calendar: February 2018

February is many things: the second month of the year, the shortest and therefore quite special, but also the month of love. Clearly any time is good to express what we feel and showing love is never too much.

When we least expect it, we discover a new kind of love that makes our world change.
Sometimes that daily thing that we did not find special makes us discover something new. Sometimes the clouds are not so black and come loaded with love, the good one that makes you forget the bad things and see all the goodness.

Love is in the air so … let’s enjoying it! But do not forget that February is just the beginning and that throughout the year there will be other reasons to celebrate! For the time being we are going to start with the days that February gives us, that although they are some less than normal, I am sure that we will live them with intensity.

Font combination

In this case we have discovered a new Google Font, the Cantarell, a sans serif with 4 types within the family. His characters are spaced apart, which makes it easy to read. For the title we have used the Mafalda typeface, with a very fine and delicate line that is perfect for titles or highlighting a message. The ornaments in the endings of the characters give it an original and creative air.

Colour combination

In this case we wanted to introduce a combination of pastel colours. Pink, green, blue and yellow are the predominant ones. In general we did not want to introduce contrast but highlight some elements with the red colour.

We hope you like it and that you continue to enjoy the love!!

Designed by Silo Creativo



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