Downloadable Calendar: April 2017

There is no doubt April is the month of spring; no one can discuss it. Although we carry some days of March in it, it is in April when we realize that it has arrived.

However, April is not only the month of spring, but also the month of the book and that is why we wanted to pay homage to it. This month goes through all those words, which separated perhaps do not tell us anything, but together they are the ones in charge to transport us to the most incredible places and tell us stories that we would never have imagined.

“A book is a proof that humans are capable of doing magic” Carl Sagan

Font combination

As it could not be otherwise, in this month we have used a handwriting style, which reminds us of the manuscripts of previous centuries. The chosen one is Helena, a premium font.

For the numbers we looked for a font that contrasts with the handwriting style, so we chose the well-known font in Silo Creativo Roboto. To give a more “literary” air we use it in italics.

Colour combination

For the combination of colours, we have thought about spring, so these are bright and very strong. It emphasizes the green colour of the typewriter combined with the different shades of its complementary colour, the pink, and at the same time we contrast them with a more neutral background.

In this way, we find in the complementary combination the perfect balance to transport us to a spring and reading climate! 😉

We hope you like it and enjoy this spring month with a good book under the sun!


Designed by Silo Creativo



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