Coffee packaging: from bean to cup

I guess many of you still have “post-holiday blues,” but as I said in the September calendar, we will use those pretty summer memories as energy to start over!

We have already started and we hope that this “school year” comes loaded with many projects and ideas!

So, let’s talk about packaging (because I know you all love it 😉 .) In this case, we will talk about coffee packaging as it starts to get cold and a hot cup of coffee is welcome.

Coffee, as happens with tea, gives us many possibilities when designing its packaging because we have multiple elements, ranging from the little box where it is dispensed to the glass or cup where we drink. All items can have an original and creative design that differ from the rest and also make our kitchen a more welcoming place. Let’s start with the packaging.

Outside packaging

For those who use coffee powder or grain, here you have some very original packaging! I like the idea of individual coffee bags, both used in tea and coffee can be extrapolated perfectly.


These tin cans, with a vintage look, keep the coffee properties and decorate our kitchen 😉


This packaging does not need anything else. It is made with fonts and colours. It is a simple combination in which the manufacturer can highlight the most important things. You already know that only with fonts we can make great combinations that make themselves sense to the packaging.


Coffee in bottle

Although it is not yet widespread in Spain, it is normal in other countries. We buy soda, milk or bottled tea, so why do not buy coffee? This addition can be very handy for when we travel or when the coffee maker breaks ;). Personally, given my taste for coffee, it is an idea that attracts me.





Packaging for coffee cup

What it is spread in Spain is the “take away” coffee. I love to walk around drinking coffee. Especially in good weather, I prefer to go to a park than stay at a coffee shop, and if the packaging is as original as ours, there is no excuse to say no.




So take a cup of coffee! It will make more bearable the routine!

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  1. I absolutely love the enthusiasm in this blog post! The idea of using our summer memories as energy to kickstart the new “school year” is brilliant. And let’s talk about coffee packaging, shall we? It’s fascinating how creative and original designs can make our kitchen more welcoming. From individual coffee bags to vintage-looking tin cans, the possibilities are endless. I also appreciate the suggestion of coffee in bottles, perfect for travel or emergencies. And who can resist a takeaway coffee with unique and original packaging? It adds joy to the routine. Cheers to a great start and many exciting projects ahead!

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