7 free stock images for web design

When it comes to put a photo on a website, a blog or to make a poster, I recommend you to use your own images, but often we do not have the image we wish or it needs some retouching that slow down our work. That is why it is good to know what the stock images are and what they are for, especially since the web and graphic works are one of the most important resources to develop projects.


Google Fonts: seven combinations that you can Copy and Use

It is not the first time we talk about the importance of typography in graphic, web and publishing design. You can find in this blog some articles about creative and original fonts, as well as articles that solve what font to use in each design, and the fonts we use at SiloCreativo. Now that you have an overview of the use of fonts…. it is time to combine them!


WordPress or blogger: Which one is the best option?

When someone sets out to write a blog, and especially if it is the first time, it makes sense to opt for a free blogging system. The two more common are: Blogger and WordPress, and although they may look very similar, there are small details that can make you lean toward one or the other. I am going to tell you the advantages of WordPresss against Blogger, and backwards!