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If you are a regular reader of Silo Creativo you know that from time to time we like to look at the past in search of inspiration. There are even those who say that in design everything is invented and that it is only necessary to rediscover it. Whether or not it is true, resources like the one we bring you today are sure to help your creative minds to oxygenate a little and maybe find that point or detail necessary for the project that we are starting.

In this case, we are talking about Canada Modern, a digital (although also physical) file about the graphic design between 1960 and 1985 where we can find logos, editorial design or fonts, but also interesting biographies and articles about this period.

Designing a Canadian identity and the Montreal Olympic Games

The election of this period is not accidental, since it includes some important years of the history of the country, such as 1967 (Centennial of Canada and Montreal Expo) and 1976 (Montreal Olympic Games.) The construction of the identity and its manifestation in the eyes of the world is understood through the designs of these years.


Some interesting examples that we have found of logo design:

The logo of the 1976 Montreal Olympics was designed by George Huel

With regard to the logo of the Montreal Olympics of 1976, its designer George Huel declared that it was a very simple form extending the Olympic rings to form an M (from Montreal,) and he found curious that nobody proposed it in the previous editions (Mexico 68 Munich 72.)

Logo for the 1967 Exhibition in Montreal designed by Julien Hébert.

It is also interesting the collection of discarded designs for the logo of the Exhibition.

Logo for Monarch-Machinery designed by Manfred Gotthams in 1965.
The iconic logo for Canadian National Railway designed by Allan Fleming in 1960.
Metric Commission logo designed by Stuart Ash in 1974
Logo of the University of Alberta designed by Walter Jungkind in 1974

Also some examples of editorial design and album covers, like this one for the Olympic Games:

Design of the album cover Welcome To Montreal that contained the musical composition for the Olympic Games of Montreal in 1976

As you have probably seen, these are designs that have aged very well and that bear many similarities with some current designs.

Inspired by the past to design the future

Recently we talked about the approach between editorial design and web design thanks to CSS Grid, and about how the whole history of the first field (editorial design) could serve as inspiration for web design in the construction of layouts in the coming years. In fact there are already some interesting examples built with CSS Grid that remind us of those magazine designs and book covers.

Therefore, whatever your area of design, it is always advisable to take a critical look at the past trying to understand the environment and the moment in which the pieces were designed to understand their meaning and get a good dose of inspiration, which never hurts !

I hope this resource has served you. 😉

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