Top Best WordPress Themes 2018

As every year, we will analyze several WordPress themes that we believe deserve to be on the top of the best templates, either by the number of functions including, by having a new design or a well optimized code that helps the SEO.

Remember that these templates are used to, and therefore have to have the minimum requirements (In Spanish) to install and use. It is possible that some of these templates also have a version, but be sure about what WordPress version you are using with the help of this article (In Spanish).

To organize the list we have divided the templates into several sections:

Templates for Corporate webs:WordPress not only serves to create blogs, as shown in these templates; there are a huge amount of options for designing corporate websites, showing a service or any other purpose.

Templates for blog or digital magazine: A classic where we will analyze those themes focused on building a personal blog or a collaborative magazine with several authors and articles.

Template for eCommerce: WordPress can become an online store 100% functional thanks to plugins for eCommerce. You can get a functional and optimized design to purchase products with these templates compatible with the most important plugins of eCommerce (In Spanish).

Templates for portfolio: whether you are a designer, interior designer, architect or any creative activity you know that your website is the calling card to show your work to the world. Having a design tailored to your portfolio is essential. If you love photography, you may also be interested in the top of the WordPress themes for photographers.

WordPress templates: one of the pitfalls we find when we buy a theme is that the support, doubts and documentation are only in English. If you need support in Spanish you can stop by our templates section.

Corporate (or multi)themes of WordPress

Divi 3.0 – Elegant themes updated its flagship theme


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Divi is one of those themes that can build virtually any structure of design from the admin panel with lots of added as builders, slider, shortcodes … in many cases invading the plugin territory.

However it is a fixed theme between the tops of the best templates, because despite being a veteran theme, it continues to be updated taking advantage of the new additions that WordPress makes to its Core, which makes users maintain the theme more active than ever.

As a novelty in this version 3.0, the entire block editing and content will not be performed from the administration panel, but the user will have the option to edit the layout and content live from the front-end, i.e. directly from the final page. A small revolution certainly within the WordPress themes including builders, made thanks to React.js framework.

So if you are looking for flexibility, maximum of customization level or perform various projects with the same theme, Divi is your perfect ally. Conversely, do not expect to get a fantastic loading speed on your page, with many additions and libraries is logical. That said, it is a sure bet.

Consulting – Template focused on Consultancy and Services


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When we talk about corporate sites we think of the typical web with a services section, equipment and a contact page. But from this basic structure we can get much more things, and that’s what the Consulting theme does.

Helped of good images and a clean design, we can get a formal but modern page. The template uses flat colours and fonts with good readability, because we do not require here graphics issues zapping future customers.

Theme options are many and can edit the structure of the header and footer, fonts and build custom pages with Visual Composer plugin already included. It also has the Slider Revolution plugin to create a gateway in the header image as a carousel. Definitely, it is a good choice, complete and formal that meets expectations.

Total – A template with many addons


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The future of multi themes seems to give the user the ability to edit the design and content of your page from the website live, without going through the administration panel. This is what it purports Total, with a clean and intuitive interface.

With this template you can make almost any kind of page, either designing from 0 or starting from one of the demos included in the package. In addition, the theme includes several premium plugins and builders and sliders for free, so you will have at your disposal more elements to improve your site.

As for the other options, we should highlight its compatibility with popular plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress or WPML, making it a right theme for projects of a medium or large size. But if you are not going to use WordPress or just 20% of the features included in the theme, its use is no longer recommended.

Themes for personal blogs o magazines

Rosalie – Blog in style with possibility of magazine


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Rosalie is one of our latest templates for WordPress aimed at building a personal blog with features to work as a collaborative blog among several authors or digital magazine.

It is available for both and setting the home on several structures and arranging the items in one, two or three columns. It also allows the ability to highlight an article occupying 100% width, marking it as a featured post.

All this is complemented by the ability to add a slider in the top, five areas of widgets, a logo and a menu with social networks easy to create.

Definitely, it is a WordPress theme very easy to use, with the tools to customize the look and structure. It is perfect to create a new project or to redesign an existing blog.

The FOX – A retro digital newspaper


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The Fox is a template aimed at creating a digital newspaper with styles, fonts and paper essence. As you can see in the demo, the design seeks to simulate a printed newspaper scented with black and white, where the blanks play a very important role.

But being a digital newspaper, this theme does not leave behind the options of social sharing, counting visits or even showing related articles at the end of each post.

The theme comes with several customization options besides making use of the types of custom posts of WordPress. It is perfect for those looking to create extensive content, unhurried and with a retro touch. This is a good choice for a digital newspaper.

Vlog – WordPress Theme for Magazine with videos


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No one doubts about the importance of videos in generating content. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. And this is the aim of this template, to get all in your videos of WordPress.

Vlog has the possibility of integrating videos directly from Youtube, Vimeo and other social networks creating playlists and giving the user the option to view the video in different sizes without leaving your web, something that Google loves because it is time that the user spends on your website.

One of the most curious options is that it gives the user the ability to save videos to watch later, something similar to the wish-list of some pages of e-commerce. So we generate more interest and we can get the user back another day. If you love the content in video format, definitely, you should have a look at this theme.

Bunchy – Turn your users into creators with this theme


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We like the innovations in the world of WordPress, and this theme includes some interesting options that surely more than one has already thought. Bunchy want to change the way content is created on a blog or classic Magazine, where the visitors themselves are responsible to send news and content.

Oriented to the world of curious and viral news, this template allows you to manage a collaborative magazine, where the goal is to create a community of users to get involve your users in content generation.

In terms of design, it is quite improved. Typefaces and spaces are not square, but perhaps this is not the most decisive point if we are looking to create a project like this. It is a very interesting theme because of its features.

WordPress templates for Portfolio and creative people

Vong – Theme for portfolio with CSS transitions


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The themes to create a portfolio always follow a very specific structure: featured images of the works showed in a grid so that visitors can access more details by clicking on any of these images. This structure is logical but sometimes is boring too.

Vong tries to give a twist helped by smooth transitions and effects based on CSS and the result is very good, a formal portfolio, clean with elegant effects. In addition, the theme can integrate a slider to highlight some work or design, something dispensable in our opinion.

The rest of the theme is not a mystery. It is compatible with multilanguage plugins such as WPML; it has a correct responsive design, WooCommerce for online shop and some extras for instagram and contact form. It is a good alternative to display works in a novel way without losing the classic portfolio structure.

Alpha – Portfolio with parallax


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One of the latest web design trends of recent years was the parallax effect; with a one-page structure it made possible to show different content slides with a single mouse click or scroll. Although focused on use pages to display a service or sell an app, this theme incorporates the positive aspects of this effect to create a portfolio in WordPress highly interactive.

Perhaps it is the boundary between the useful and ornamental, but if we want to find a novel structure to be different from the competition and show our products or designs, this template is a great option.

In addition to the options described, Alpha incorporates a simple and consistent blog with the effect of home, something that is appreciated, because the entire web gives a coherent and compact design. This is a fresh, fun and distinctive choice.

Qoon – Multiple options for your portfolio


This theme is no longer available

Also in the portfolio section there are templates composed of numerous plugins and features. These are themes excessively busy that give the user a host of options in case the design you are looking for is not clear or you want to use the same template in multiple WordPress installations but with a different purpose.

This is how the Qoon theme is. It is a clean design with lots of options to create a personal portfolio, a web for a creative agency or a space to show your photos, all helped by several premium plugins and lots of options to choose from.

You will not get a faster and optimized site, but it is certainly a great choice if you are looking for flexibility and scalability in an average period of time.

Have you decided what theme you want to use?

If you have not decided yet what theme you want to use my advice is to take a look at the articles on different WordPress themes or other previous analyzes. Surely one will fit your preferences.

This list remains open to new members, so we will be adding new themes for WordPress in order to complete a full repertoire that will help for new users and for those seeking a redesign of your website or blog.

I hope it was helpful!

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