6 Trends for the design of icons in 2019

Let’s talk about trends! The forgotten icons are here! Sometimes we do not pay much attention to them, but they are one of the most important elements when we are talking about design. Some are new and others come from previous years… Would you like to discover them together?


Tips to print colour to the elements of your web

Each of the elements of the web should be designed independently but without losing sight of the fact that it participates in a set, which in the end is the one that has to works. Today we talk about colour on the web with some tips to print colour to those elements.


Web icons: design and use tips

Icons are an element that is very present in the web and that also help us navigate through it. In this way, we cannot leave their design to chance, but we must have it very clear. Today we give you some tips to make the icons of your web succeed! πŸ˜‰