5 photo editing software online. My favourite: the 4

Many of us work almost every day with pictures. Although we usually work with illustrations (mostly) on the blog, sometimes we include pictures too. Surely all those who have a blog know that the successful use of images helps to increase and get more visitors.

Besides having a good text, which is critical, the use of attractive images attracts readers. Good images that accompany texts incite us to continue reading.

The power of images

The images are very powerful. I have already showed you some example in which images and beautiful fonts could teach you craft a message that catches the attention. We use in our themes images that draw attention and make more interesting content. So, I think we agree on the importance of images in a web. We saw some stock images where we can extract images, often free license to use in our work, but it is much better if you have your own images, as you are exposing your content too.

The retouching: a professional work?

One of the problems we encounter when working with images, is that in most cases they need some retouching. Sometimes you just have to resize it to fill the width we want for our website, but sometimes we apply different colour or texture changes, so that the result differs from the original and so we achieve a distinction.

Programs like Photoshop and Gimp are known by everyone. Professionally, the tweaks we can make with these programs are unlimited, but certainly they raise two “problems”:

1. Its use, although intuitive, is sometimes too complex to make small changes, such as resizing, cropping or simple effects.

2. We need to have them installed on our computer to work with. If we are in another computer, other than ours, we will not have these programs available.

Therefore, especially for point 2, I propose a list of programs that can be used online. By not be required to download to your computer for use, more effective use thereof is achieved. If we are working on internet we just look for it and… voila!

Photo editing software online

If you need a powerful program, because you are a professional designer or photographer, it may be that some of those in the list fall short. But for those that are amateurs, I promise that they will be very helpful. In fact Ricardo is the number one fan of one of them, which one will be the one? …

With all of them we can apply effects, crop, resize…. And even some have different versions (Express, Premium….) Depending on what we want to. They are much more intuitive and faster to use than Photoshop or Gimp, which will allow more effective use of them. They are not heavy, when opened rather slow our computer… So let’s start!

Be funky

It is also an app that can be downloaded from your mobile phone. We can apply all kinds of effects easily and degraded and pixelated effects in different ways.




This is an online program, with which we can achieve the same effects as with the above, with the peculiarity that we can apply HDR effect and collage very quickly. For the use of some options you need to be subscribed, but the functionalities for free are more than enough.




Its control panel is very similar to the most complex programs, but much more intuitive. Therefore it loses some functionality, but keeps the most used.




This is the Ricardo favorite platform! With it you can get very similar Photoshop effects, and if you do not want it to be so complex, you can always use Pixlr Express. With it we can apply different filters directly (similar to Istagram) and include text and emoticons. By having two versions, we can use the fast one with the Express, or get functionalities very similar to Photoshop with the normal, with the advantage that it is an online program.




It is very similar to Pixlr, but with smaller effects. We can apply specific effects automatically or manually. We can also crop or resize images.



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