5 Games for Designers over Colour Schemes and … more

Summer is here…and the sun, the beach or the pool … And while I am sure that you get your mobile or tablet closer not to lose the latest at Silo Creativo, certainly between article and article you seek some other pleasures, as they can be …. GAMES!

I do not like most of games. My favorite game (and almost the one I like) is Trivial, but it is true that a funny game is always good!

We have already played to find cities (in Spanish) and brands that suddenly became white (in Spanish). So today we are going to play with colours! In recent weeks we have expanded our knowledge about them: we have already analysed all colours (even gold and silver,) and with this infographic, we remembered what symbolizes each colour and when it is most recommended to use it. We learned to combine colours with the colour wheel and saw their practical application in films and television. We mean, we know all about colours.

Therefore, I think it is time to play with colours. First of all, I notice that games are only for the brave, where our ability to colour perception must be opened to 100%. It is not enough to know what colour best combines with red, but we will focus on many of these ranges.

Although it is true that as a reward for how well we know the colours, the latest game is it not on colours … but I hope that it may take away the stress caused by work…

Let’s go!

Find a different colour

We start with an easy one, which will help us to sharpen our senses. We are shown a square divided in turn by several squares where everyone has the same colour but one. Our success is to find the colour that is different and of course to make the greatest number of squares that we can in a minute’s time.

At first it will seem very simple, but of course, it becomes complicated while going up a level. When you try, you will want to play all the time, as you are going to want to hit more and more squares.

It is perfect for afternoon siestas, it is true that when you play more than 10 times in a row run you risk of seeing squares everywhere. 😉


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The colour of logos

We have already played with the objects of the best known brands and we realised that we recognised them quite easily. Now let’s do the same with logos. We will take them away from any colour and we will be responsible for seeking the exact colour of each.

I would say that hit it is almost impossible, but see it almost at 75% is a record! Do not seek the logos online… we can see you!


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Choose the RGB

This is perhaps for me the hardest game of all raised here. The game shows us a RGB colour code and we must choose between three colours, which is to which it belongs.

The only clue we have is what the acronyms R (ed) G (reen) B (lue) mean, and therefore depending on the amount of colour they have, we will approach more or less to the other.

When you understand the game, it is not as difficult as it seems!


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Range of colours

You are so expert in range of colours, that I am sure that this game will seem easy for you. It is simple. We have the first and the last colour and we have to determine the range of colours we have in their midst.

The only problem with this game, unlike previous ones, is that it is something finite. Once we have made the three ranges, there is no more new. But of course, you can repeat these three all the time if you are looking for the absolute perfection!


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Eliminating the Comic Sans!

As you could guess … it is my favorite game in the world! In it I have the opportunity to destroy my hated Comic Sans! Actually I do not like games with weapons or like Alfonso Serrano certainly would say any game in general, but in this case I will make an exception and ask you to kill Comic Sans!


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I hope you have enjoyed these games, in which you can demonstrate what you know about colours. I believe that among them is the game of summer… I have them among my favourites!

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