5 Creative and Original Google Fonts: My favourite The Third One

Usually when we talk about creative fonts, we do it of Premium or free fonts, but rarely Google Fonts. It is true that from my point of view Google Fonts are notable for their wide variety of sans serif and serif, which are very usable and recommendable for paragraph text; but there are also very creative fonts that we can perfectly use to make messages, posters or titles.

The good thing about using Google Font (besides being free and very easy to download and use) is that if we use them for a web, they will be displayed in browsers. This way they will be very useful if we are before a web project and we want to give it an originality touch.

In the Google Font web, we can use different filters depending on the type of font that we are looking for. In this case, although there are other styles like “Handwriting” and “monospace” that are also original fonts, we have made the selection among the 283 fonts of the “display” category. As you can see, there are many to choose from, but we have chosen this selection of 5 in which we have tried to include a variety of styles.

The choice of font will give you some exclusivity. There are plenty of fonts for repeating paragraph text, it is normal. But if you are looking for legibility, that your font stands out over others is not really important. However, when we talk about a font for a logo the search parameters are not the same.

It should be remembered that for the same reason that they are very well-known and used, they are not very recommendable for the design of your logo. If your logo is going to have a significant importance in the name and therefore in the chosen font, keep in mind that with the same facility as you have chosen your Google Font, other people can also do it. It is always good in these cases to use some less known Premium or free fonts, to be able to print a value to it.

Either way, here you have our selection of creative Google Fonts.

Barrio Regular

A font to use in capital letters with some very creative characters. Its irregular stroke in which the thickness is variable in each of them, gives a different and original air, perfect to highlight a message in a poster or in the header of a web.



Special Elite

It is a font with the characteristic style of typewriters. In this way, each of its characters seems to come out of the keyboard. This gives it a vintage and modern look (very much in keeping with the April calendar. )

This is a very complete font, which we can use with both upper and lower case.




Font as the neighborhood, to use in capital letters. With a creative and carefree air, it is perfect for a print or to draw attention at some point on your website. I like the irregularity of its characters that make it very dynamic.




In this case we are faced with a font with a childish air, which makes it perfect for any context related to this theme. However, it is not only aimed at this area, but its handwriting style makes it very versatile.




This is perhaps the most similar type of font that we have already talked about in this blog. It is perfect for the lettering style that is still a trend in 2017. This is a good option for web, as we know the advantages of using Gogle Font.



I hope you liked the selection, but in any case, I encourage you to visit the website and share your favourites.

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