4 Tips for Getting your Web Header more attractive

As we were looking at how to make your header more creative according to current trends, I am sure you already have chosen which best suits for you. The header is one of the places with more traffic in a website and the used to give the first impression. This is one element that we must study carefully to be put in our favor.

The options are varied and each must choose which best suits your website and your audience. But today we go a step further and see some tips that will make your header the best element to capture your audience. Let’s start! 😉

1. Do not forget: this is your Cover Letter

We are not tired of repeating that the header is the cover letter, the first thing the visitor sees when arriving at the site and which puts the focus, so there is an element that should always include: your name or logo. If not, you will lose the opportunity to contextualize the visitor.


If you reach a web, you fall in love with images but then, you do not remember where you were… There is an Error! Think about all those times you do not remember the name of that website you loved and even less if it is the first time you arrive. As in any physical presentation, the first thing we should do is to present us, to say our name, so do not forget to do so in digital media too.

2. The starting point of Navigation

As mentioned the header is the first element found by visiting a web and therefore also the point from which our users begin to navigate it. In this way, navigation should be sensed. If we come to the page and find a picture on the header, but we do not know if we do scroll, if the menu will be displayed when we click on the left or right or suddenly will appear by magic … Your website will be remembered as a nice header but only for that, because visitors can not interact or navigate and therefore will go away.


It is therefore very important that the menu or at least the way to navigate will be sensed at the header of the web. We should know how we can continue to browse it. This is one reason why the hamburguer menu has become a popular item. It is discreet; it occupies the space absolutely necessary and it is an easily recognizable element by all.

3. Create Your focus

No matter which option you have chosen: design, images, fontsThe header will always be the focus of the web, making it the best place to put a Call To Action and to convert your audience. Think what your website is intended for, and use the header to achieve your goals.

All webs are made for a reason, so it is essential to know that reason and make your header help to achieve it. It is the best place to introduce at least one of the following elements:

  • Newsletter subscription: the best place for the user to sign in. The user just came and if we can catch it … point for us! If you have a blog, and always without Spamming, the newsletter subscription is one of the elements that will make us grow so, what better to put it in the header!


  • If the other day we recommended using the fonts and colours of your logo to convey feelings, today we propose the same with the header. It is the best place to transmit sensations. The images here have a fundamental place: a good choice of images will make us have more success, but it also works with colours and fonts. Let’s study what they represent and let’s use them in our header.


  • Similarly, if you want to introduce a small introductory text this is your space. But be careful! We are not talking about writing a novel. Beware of the length. It will make a greater effect if it is concise and direct. It is the best place on the web to tell what you want in a nutshell.


4. But above all… Do not be distracted!

We have already created a focus, the visitor is getting to interact with the web, so do not be distracted! All elements that are accessories can make the visitor losing the focus, so delete them.

All the elements contained in the header should be clear and concise and whether they should be for a reason. If we have chosen a font header because we want the focus to focus on the text, do not put an animation with. Important elements should be put one by one. A web is so extensive that can switch some, but always without losing the focus.



It is the first impression, and although the first is not always the most important, you must think that you are competing with millions like you and something what makes you different will be ten points in favor.

Use it as a focus to catch your audience and keep it. It must be the entry point to your website but not the out point.

I hope these tips help you!

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