10 Essentials extensions of Chrome for Web Design

How many browsers do you know? Before the answer was much simpler, with a monopoly on Internet Exporer it was much easier also the web design, but many were the lost of user experiences. When we design our WordPress templates we make them compatible with all browsers (we specify versions) because we believe there is a browser for almost every type of user.

However, as mentioned before, a few years ago now we are talking about Internet Explorer, but the most used in recent years by the designers and web designers is definitely Chrome.

One of the reasons why most of designers use this browser is the possibility to install extensions that make easier our work. In case anyone does not know what an extension is, it is like a small program that can be installed in Chrome and facilitates some aspects of our navigation. There are infinite extensions: games, temperature alarms, programs to learn a language… And most of them are free.

However, within these extensions we can find some that will make us our work, and therefore life a little easier. Installation is very simple, so… I am sure that some of this list interests you!

Do you need to take pictures of a web?

1. FireShot

How many times do you want to make a screenshot but with a PrintScreen pictures lose quality? This will never be a problem. With this extension you can take a screenshot of the entire screen or selected area, as you prefer!

Once you decide, you can save the screenshot in the format that most interests you .png, .pdf…. and retouch the photo with the editing program you have.



2. PicMonkey

This extension will allow you to capture all the images from a website and work independently with them. Once we select the image we can retouch it with the editor of the same extension.



Colour may not be a problem…

3. ColorZilla

From now you will not have to find a colour in a web having to make a screenshot to use the eyedropper to know what colour is 😉 No more similar colours, but the exact one.

With this extension you can take a colour directly from the web and from that same colour or use a gradient.



4. Palette for Chrome

Another problem concerning the colour can happen when we have an image with a range of colours and we want to obtain them. With this extension, it left behind. Just point the image and this will give you the corresponding colour palette.



Font Combinacions… wherever you want!

5. Font Playground

How often you do not know what is the best font for your website... With this extension the problems are over because we can try any of the Google fonts on our website.

Are you going to use a sans serif combination or you prefer a serif?



6. What Font

And another one! If instead what happens is that we have found a great font in a web, but we do not know which one it is, this is your extension. With just hover above the font you can know which one it is and even the size of it.



If you are a web designer… here are your Extensions

7. Responsive Web Design Tester

I think everybody knows that a website has to be responsive. But sometimes check on all devices can be something difficult. It may be that a specific device with a specific browser is a problem.

Well, with this extension problems will be finished. You can test your website on a variety of devices so that you are sure that it is responsive wherever you go!



8. PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode

This may be your perfect tool if you are a web designer. With it you can superimpose the design with web results and see the points where these do not match.

The extension places an image in superposition with some transparency to thus make a comparison of each pixel and thus ensure 100% accuracy.



9. Check My Link

Sometimes after writing a post with multiple links some of them do not work. Surely we have put an “h” more or a coma. Anyway, with this extension we can see which links of our web work and what do not.

Universal colour code: green what is right, and red what is invalid!



First of all… do not waste time!

10. StayFocusd

This extension may come in handy more than once … Internet is wide, so sometimes even while we are working we tend to waste time on websites we should not. If you want to increase your productivity, this is your extension. In addition to checking the time you spend in each of the web through which you browse, you can block certain content over a period of time.



These are some of the extensions that can help you in your work as a web designer or designer. Do you know any more?

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